If you fight stupidly, prepare to get beat stupidly

I don't see how you guys don't get what Hakkyoku is saying, but whatever. Good stuff Hakkyoku.
Russian, I never said the disrespect was ~in~ the fight, all I said was he came to expecting a free win. Its what he said to me ~before~ the fight.

"You suck because you use Ein. I bet you don't win any kind of matches with him! This is gonna be a piece of cake, bitch!"

I'm usually calm and cool about trash talk, if anything it adds to the fun. However, if you think you're gonna win because I use a low tier or because my rank is the same as yours, think again. And it really makes me mad when someone has the gall to say it in my presence.

It insults my honor and what I stand for
what do you mean by free win? you want disrespectful try someone who CBs you one hit from a ko and just watches you drop when literally ANY hit would have won them the round. with this they're obviously trying so where is the disrespect?
Russian, He came to me expecting a free win. Anyone who does that gets no respect from me
Because it partially was he just kept dropping the combos which is something that happens. Those matches were pretty close and I feel like calling your opponent a dumbass in this case is pretty disrespectful
Ok maybe I realized, he was focused only to stun you for a free launcher and a tag combo instead to fight properly with the tools of each single character.

I make a similar mistake when in DoAOL I end to use Ayane in the "Dragon Hills" stage: for all the match I'm basically just focused in tricking the opponent for getting the infinite combo in air by Ayane on the slope of the level. But sometimes I meet opponent that realize it and at that point, if I continue in a stubborn way in my way to play, I become easily predictable losing a match that otherwise I would have won easily XD
Its not the way he was fighting that was stupid, if he had focused on fighting on the ground he could've won. Pay close attention to what he was ~trying~ to do.
Seems to me that he/she played in a legit way, what it was wrong?


May 9, 2014 at 5:45 PM
Another dumbass trying to get a free win
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