Izuna Challenge - Match 4 - Brute vs BlazeIncarnated

I was fighting for the honor of all Izuna spammers. I could not fail! xD
lol Brute this was both awesome and hilarious given the convo that led up to these matches. XD
I really should have made it well past that. As you can see, I dropped quite a few, and there are several times I make a successful hold bait, but due to the way the delay was, my 41236T would only register as 6T.
But oh well. thanks :)
Darn. I was hoping you would've made it to 10 Izunas, lol. Good matches to both of you, though.


Dec 11, 2013 at 8:58 AM
Posted by Brute
Blaze made the mistake of claiming he could avoid the Izunas. He was wrong.

Brute (Hayabusa) vs BlazeIncarnated (Zack) First to 3 set. This is the fourth and final match.

It should be noted that the first round of this match was very laggy at first for whatever reason (which is why I stopped fighting; it was unplayable). It returned to normal at 0:37. blaze will attest to this.

ggs blaze
4     4     533
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