Loveable Floaty Jello Alpha #2 Jacky Edition Plus Leon

LMFAO You always gotta kill me with the damn music! XD
Awesome vid. By the way, @Sly Bass, the song at 1:41 is from Capcom vs SNK 2. I think it's called "This is True Love Makin'"
I always love it when the music matches up with the attacks. Most notably when it lines up perfectly with Leon's ground throws when he starts bashing her face in.
I like the tune at 1:41. What is it? Also, sweet combos. Tag really opens up a whole 'nother world of juggles.
LOL! Nice combos! Poor Alpha getting juggled for days. XD
ROFL! This is great stuff! Loving those beautiful KNEEs and Iageris! <3

I bet Alpha isn't though! XD
Is there a trick to Akira's H+K 1 frame move? I never used him in VF, so I would like to know. He is really interesting and would like to try to learn.
6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg6kg :V
@Saber Lol, at least DB loves Alpha! She deserves a nice cold drink after serving as a gravity-less puniching bag.
Here it is: Check it out if you guys want to.. much appreciated.
This is true love we're making <3.... i actually made a SFxT Combo Video to this song actually lol what a coincidence. Awesome combos man good shit... *Puts on Jacky's Jacket* YEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! :)
I miss that song so much. 2D games mostly had better music.
Lmao "This is true love were makin" ftw! what happened to music like that in fighters lol


Nov 30, 2013 at 3:53 AM
Posted by DestructionBomb
The 2nd video to the floaty jello alpha. Didn't provide a nice ending but I suppose this will do.

Didn't even know 1:03 and 1:27 would sync well with the song with Leon punching Alpha.

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