Holy smokes! In that case, Team Ninja should know about this. Could be a glitch if there's no possible explanation for that crazy whiff.
The tank roll throw is an OH. Being in an attack animation shouldn't have made a difference. I have no idea why it whiffed.
No kidding. I'm not sure if the throw whiffed since Akira was still in his attack animation or the reason being something else entirely. Whatever the case, it was still hilarious XD
You're videos are so fucked up, dude. They're hilarious. There's definitely no reason you should have won that. Such bs.
Thanks guys. Might be a while until I get a new replay up thanks to school and other matters keeping me busy. But I still have downloaded replays stored in my HD that are ready to go whenever I get around to them XD
These video are the best ever! I couldn't sop laughing, and the funniest part for me is that most of the thoughts that he is putting in the video always crossed my mind while I'm playing.
Sir, you are a genius! XD
i love this vid. I watched the unedited version and predicted some of your edits, but not all. You're an artis man, keep up the good work!


Mar 1, 2013 at 4:59 PM
Posted by Ghosty-J
Geez louise. One of those rare days that cover up the fact I'm so below-average at this game over a lucky win ._.
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