Missing VF5FS E-Costumes, B-Costume, Intros and Winpose in DOA5LR

Well, I'll attach the one to my profile page due to it being a playlist and I'll also leave it here:

Akira Yuki 's 八极拳 moves: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJtJF64zZdkmMaxgjv6iY2Za6CzEgmcx5
@Hazard-Oops scratch that, you're referring to the Teirou Kanpo stance, 1P+K+G:


I also came across a couple cool things while looking for this that I'll post here in media too.
@Hazard-Check out these two vids here, you'll see the sidestep action from the 66P+K that you mentioned and is no longer present with Akira, the launch throw and other moves he has that are no longer animated the way that they were in R-where the they looked a lot better imo with the exception of 3K lol

These are eally entertaining matches that highlight the beauty of the VF-system and especially that of R:


Akira and the other 3 move ideas were taken from FS. Akira acquiring older moves is very unlikely (minus 44P+K) which wasn't exactly staple in FS. I can definitely see costumes, Intros/win poses (what I'd like) a possibility.
@Puño de Leyenda - Didn't he also have that command stepback (the one that happens in 66P+K H) as it's own move? And there also were some moves in 4 that would be really useful. I wish I could go back to compare the movesets but whoever had the VF5R video took it down or something.
@Monkeygigabuster-Well there are cool things that he used to have in R and Vanilla 5 like 66P+K, P, or DM(Defensive Move)"Sidestep" P+K that he no longer has in FS...both of which are present in DOA5LR. And then there's the old 46P+G launch throw that is cool and no longer in FS or DOA.

@Seigen-Yeah man, it would be really cool it they did that!

@DB-Agreed. It is a really good one!
I want the VF5FS costume customization options in DOA.
Does Akira have something fancy in vf5r compare to his vf5fs counterpart
@Hazard-lol Yeah, I miss some of the things I've seen from him in R...and for that matter I'd love to actually be able to play R! Lol
Screw the costumes. I want Akira's 5R movelist!