Rachel vs Momiji 4K Fight - DOA Appreciation Day | Lobby Match Replay - Dead or Alive 6 PC Steam

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Feb 26, 2023 at 4:16 PM
Posted by NyaMiyamaFighter
Life's boring, so I made a video.
Viewer Guide (most interesting parts):
0:00 I get it! You're addicted to lusting for DOA characters (sinning)!
0:44 Tired already?
0:54 Back-to-back throw punishment
1:08 Devastated by Rachel's outrageous supernatural power!
1:37 Out of my way--you're pathetic!
1:41 This hot beat is just for you!
1:51 "Will this never end?"
2:20 RAAAGE in vain...
2:25 Rachel's going in, and Momiji will do her best, in this last round.
Climax: 2:54 The aerial attack!... BAM!
3:10 It's not over yet... Tell the Deejay "play"! DOA all day!

I'm not a participant in this fight. I was spectating a lobby match and saved the replay.

Every day that I upload a video is DOA appreciation day, not specifically Sunday.

DOA5 is obsolete in my eyes, so I will be inserting exclusive content from DOA5 into my DOA6 matches from now on.

Rachel's favorite color hasn't been revealed (to my knowledge), so I made her fighter title purple with a dark blue outline.

This is the highest I can set the graphics settings while staying above 30fps. No shadows, but 4K at least.
I think I need to turn down the game's brightness next time. I intended for the final round to be excessively saturated and bright though.
*The Ugly Problems with DOA6: https://youtu.be/ERLaNX8sugg
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