-- Rig Mirror Match Compilation--

Good matches, I'm learning Rig also just like you.
They were all awesome matches, congratulations to both you and your opponent!

I don't understand why at 9:16 there was no explosion even if prisoner Rig fell on the blue danger zone. Is maybe some property of the stage that I don't know?


Mar 11, 2015 at 3:37 PM
Posted by RH_Stealth
So, I think that these were really good matches. They were all in a row, it was just me and this person in the lobby at the time.

I tried to pick music that would match the feel the fights would have, given what stage the fights were on.

Match #1 - Ignition
Match #2 - Power is Beauty ~more beautiful mix~ (DOA1)
Match #3 - Knifepoint (DOA3)
Match #4 - Alpha-152
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