TEKKEN 7: What Do You Do At The Start Of A Round?

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Jul 12, 2021 at 11:51 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
The third session of a series that drops little tips for your favourite fighting games! FoN's Tip of the Day #3 looks at approaching Tekken 7's neutral game after a round starts (A.K.A. Round 1 Fight). In general, the safe option is to perform a backdash to create a bit of space from your opponent, then scout out your next move.

If you feel like pressing a button, you can press 4 (Right Kick) if your character has a good "Magic 4". These moves have decent range and are fairly fast (i11 or i12 frames), and can commonly whiff punish a whiffed jab (which can't reach the opponent at R1F). Df+1 (down-forward+Left Punch), are good go-to mids at R1F if you're afraid that you'll get high-crushed (or low-crushed by a hopkick for instance). Df+1's are commonly your fastest mid pokes at around i13 frames, and are usually very safe on block, along with having potential follow-ups. Once you have a read on your opponent, then you can fish for launchers.

Backdashes get complemented by Tekken's 7 blocking mechanics, in where you automatically block all high or mid attacks if you don't press anything. This makes backdashes decent in certain situations and "safer" than in other games where backdashes can get counter-hit easily.

If you're having a little difficulty with the FGC notation terminology, check out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlCcAiNLzps&t=110s

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For Directional Notation

7. u/b 8. u 9. u/f

4. b 5. * 6. f

1. d/b 2. d 3. d/f

7. up/back 8. up 9. up/forward

4. back 5. neutral 6. forward

1. down/back 2. down 3. down/forward

For Input commands:

1 = Left Punch (LP)
2 = Right Punch (RP)
3 = Left Kick (LK)
4 = Right Kick (RK)
1 + 2 = Left Punch + Right Punch (LP + RP)
3 + 4 = Left Kick + Right Kick (LK + RK)
1+3 = Left Throw
2+4 = Right Throw

WR = While Running
WS = While Standing
S! = Tailspin/Screw
W! = Wall Splat
: = Just Frame Input

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