It was most certainly Offbeat.
...except on heavies. Just WRK 6KK on them. Also might not work on some powerblow triggered dangerzones; I'll get back to you on those lol.
Good stuff; WRK > 66KKK after any and ALL dangerzones.
Solid Ein as always, man it sounds weird not hearing the BOOM after 33T now haha.

Good stuff none the less, I must take notes on some of these matches since most Hitomis, Ayanes and Kasumis wreck my crap with Ein lol.


Feb 19, 2014 at 1:37 AM
Posted by Zeo
After the craziness of the recent ensemble video, things tone back a bit as Ein get's his next solo vid. These matches are of course from 2013 and some are pretty old hence the low rank in some of the matches. They're pretty solid nontheless. Enjoy as always.
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