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  • Hey Tobi, please could you make me know the source of Flamingo Sarah? I would like to see other drawings of the author (if he is an artist as he seems) =)
    I was sure to already follow you and viceversa! xD

    Now I fixed it and of course thanks for the following Tobi =)
    Es gibt so eine PN Funktion hier wollte dir schon vor Tagen schreiben nur irgendwie geht das bei dir nicht, keine Ahnung warum!
    Hey guys. Sorry, I´m late. Didn´t see your comments before. @Keved: Yes, it´s selfmade. Thanks. =) @Kronin: Thanks! Yes, It´s nice over here
    Love your (self-made?) av mate. The Rachel dedication is inspiring :D Makes me want to make my own Jann Lee avvy.
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