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  1. Asuras

    Cali Crush Teaser Trailer

  2. Asuras


    The more I see Ninja Gaiden bosses here, the more I feel ashamed for being good at dark souls.
  3. Asuras

    Characters New "Female Tengu" Revealed

    Really? REALLY?
  4. Asuras

    Aledged "Evidence" That I Am A Cheater

    How does one even 'cheat' in video games? I think 'exploit' is always a better term.
  5. Asuras

    News Team NINJA Costume Contest

    Hidden Note: Decent art skills at a minimum required. :\
  6. Asuras

    Characters More Characters on the Way

    Let's bring in a boss character and give them teleports, obscene combos, projectiles, and tricky gimmicks.
  7. Asuras

    Characters Marie Rose, Phase 4 and 1.05

    They gave Marie pom-poms. Genius.
  8. Asuras

    Characters New Character Coming to Arcades

    If it's not Kasumi Alpha, it's another fucking ninja. Lose-Lose
  9. Asuras

    Weird glitch

    Christie went Super Saiyan.
  10. Asuras

    Characters Lolicopter - [Marie Rose Information & Discussion Thread]

    When I saw 'Lolicopter' as the thread title, I thought it was quite an arbitrary one. Now I know why she has been dubbed thee Lolicopter. Dem spins.
  11. Asuras

    Media Marie Rose Video Thread

    Tournament with some matches including Marie. Marie vs. Ryu @ Beginning Marie vs. Leifang @ 8:30 Marie vs. Tina @ 15:30
  12. Asuras

    New to FSD? Introduce yourself here.

    Hi there all. While I'm new to Free Step Dodge, I've played DoA since 2000 with DoA2 (when I was five years old, questionable parental decisions), and began to think of myself as more "competitive" with DoA4 in its later years before DoA5 came about. Since 5 I've become more and more devoted to...
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