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  1. Camel with 2 thumbs

    The Winged Lady of Miyama -A DOA6 Nyotengu Primer- (WIP)

    The Winged Lady of Miyama -A DOA6 Nyotengu Primer- :nyotengu: Major changes from DOA5 2pp slightly nerfed, 2nd hit reduced from +16 to + 11 on hit Can now go into the 3rd part of her 5pp6p string directly with new 6p+k input Her old 6p+k has moved to 3p+k, it no longer has advantage on...
  2. Camel with 2 thumbs

    DOA5LR Use a DOA5 victory quote in an everyday mundane situation

    Ill start When I'm babysitting my excitable niece and she runs off into the crowd "You stay where I can see you!"
  3. Camel with 2 thumbs

    DOA5LR what are your final thoughts on DOA5?

    now that attention on DOA5 is going to be winding down due to a new game coming out (i refuse to say DOA5 is dead/dying cause i have a feeling alot of people will still be playing that game), what are your thoughts on DOA5 as a whole? did you like it? hate it? can't wait for it to bite the dust...
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    KBD'ing with 22/88 sidestep active

    I normally have my sidestep set to the 2/8 h+p+k input but i find the simple 22/88 more intuitive, so i've tried playing with the 22/88 sidestep recently and i find that when i kdb with this method of sidesteping i end up sidesteping in ALOT of situations where im trying to kbd. I was wondering...
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    On a scale from 1 to 10, how mad would you be if...

    DOA Xtreme 4 was the next announced console DOA game? 10/10 Least it ain't pachinko
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    DOA5LR Imagine for a second that DOA5LR was announced to be at EVO, main stage, your response?

    shock, but a pleasant shock, i'd definitely try to make the trip since i have a sister that lives close by and would probably go 2-2 like i always do, but it would totally be worth it. I would also assume that mr wiz got infected with some weeb virus hence why he'd allow doa to be evo on the...
  7. Camel with 2 thumbs

    Imagine this, your main and your subs have all been deleted from the roster, who do you play now?

    either i would drop doa entirely or i'd finnaly buckle down and play ayane ...then probably sub hitomi and raidou
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    A scrub is guy whose rank is high And is also known as a masher Got all these combos he can do in training mode But he can’t land them on me So No, I won’t accept your invite No, I aint gonna send you one and No, We will never 1v1 so Bro, please stop wasting my time No, I aint playing no...
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    DOA5LR describe your most recent"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" moment

    if you've played this game online, you've seen some wacky stuff, but every once in a while you get hit with something that just defies everything you think you know and you scream to yourself WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? my most recent moment like this was last night while i was fighting a hitomi...
  10. Camel with 2 thumbs

    DOA5LR Facts

    All Rig players sub Jann lee Every Helena has a pocket Pai All Nyo and Mila mains can only play their respective characters Facts Share your own Facts
  11. Camel with 2 thumbs

    DOA5LR How would you feel if they added meter usage to DOA?

    I mean hell this game already has supers and a revenge gauge, how would you feel if they just went all out and added a super meter that could be used in various ways? Like to enhance certain moves to make them safer and do more damage, or give defenders the ability to pushblock, would you want...
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    DOA5 For those who have given up on DOA5 and r waiting for DOA6 to drop, I want you to explain to me why

    I'm genuinely curious, and please give me a better reason than "the online sux"
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    Characters What's it gonna take for people to start playing bass?

    Faster moves? better crushes? him falling into a Jusenkyo cursed spring and turning him into a busty redhead in a calculated move to make him (now her) appeal to teenage boys? Whats it gonna take?
  14. Camel with 2 thumbs

    is there ever a good time use highs when applying pressure?

    well? like when your plus enough that it's your turn to hit a button, is there ever a time you'd use a high instead of a mid or a low to start your offence?
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    How do YOU make sense of a movelist?

    A friend of mine who wants to get into 3d fighting games has relayed to me that one of the biggest hurdles he has is figuring out “the good moves” from a characters’ move list. He said he’ll boot up games like tekken and doa and the moment he goes to training mode and sees a movelist with over...
  16. Camel with 2 thumbs

    How to keep the pressure up with this character

    I've been using Alpha for a little over a week now, and i've been ending all of my juggles with either 7k or 6ppp, is their something she can hit a launched opponent with that'll force them into a situation where they have to tech or else they get force teched (put them in a psudo force tech...
  17. Camel with 2 thumbs

    What determines which move wins in a trade?

    Like the title says, i'm curious to figure this out, cause if im using two moves that have the exact same start up frames to trade with my opponent, why is it that one of my moves wins the trade every time and the other one loses everytime, despite both moves having the same start up? In this...
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    How to be disrespectful without being dumb (when playing DOA of course)

    So some background I've been having long sets with a couple of high ranking players recently, and all these guys have made the same comment on my play style. they say i play too respectfully and i need to disrespect more. like a dum ass i didn't ask what exactly they meant by that so im turning...
  19. Camel with 2 thumbs

    camera side switching?

    Something i've begun noticing when I fight alot of higher level players these days is that whenever the round starts and they start dancing around me, or they combo me near a wall ('specially vs helena, hayate, and kokoro), somehow the camera switches sides, and whatever input i was gonna do...
  20. Camel with 2 thumbs

    "There are no good or bad characters, only good and bad players" -Some guy

    FSD! do you agree or disagree with this statement?
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