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  1. breathofflame34

    Dead Or Alive Hardcore

    So, what is Dead or Alive Hardcore on the PS2? Is it just a remake of 2? Also is Hitomi in it like in Ultimate 2 if it is a remake? (Sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but I wasn't sure if it belonged in the subsection for 2.)
  2. breathofflame34

    Figure Collecting

    So, hope this is the right place to post something like this, but does anyone know where to find/tell fake figures from real? I'm asking becaiuse there is one I really want from like 2011, but it's on amazon not in an actual store, and I'm new to the market, and have no idea what signs to look for.
  3. breathofflame34

    Core fighters not on 360

    So, do they not have the free version of 5 on 360? I mean I have the full game on PS4, but I also would like to have some nice DOA on my 360 as well, but I can't find it anywhere in the store
  4. breathofflame34

    Hitomi In Ultimate

    So, I recently picked up a copy of ultimate, and I'm buying a 360 harddrive today. I know that you can play as Hitomi in Ultimate 2, if you have a Xtreme save, but I was wondering about Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate, can I use her there, or am I out of luck, and going to have to go and main Kasumi...
  5. breathofflame34

    Back Attack

    So, what's the best way tpo face your opponent from the back? I know Ayanbe can do her spinny thing, but I was dicking around on the PC version, and got a really cool back attack with Marie Rose, and was wondering about other characters, whats the best way to face the opponent with your back...
  6. breathofflame34

    Cannot Access Store

    So, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but a friend of mine, just got LR, and he can't go to the PS Store to download anything from the main menu. Every time he mashes triangle to go to the store from the menu it tells him"This content cannot be selected at this time" any ideas on how to help?
  7. breathofflame34

    Fight Replay Location

    So, I've been playing on PC for a little bit, and want to know what folder is the replays stored in, and also if I can remove them, and say post them to youtube.
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