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  1. Radiance

    Tamaki tools and gameplan

    To be honest when this character first came out, I was not interested at all. She reminded me of casserole; bland, generic, and flavorless. Eventually, the more I played her the more she just felt right. Her simplicity are her strong points. I'm not the greatest Tamaki player but nowadays if I...
  2. Radiance

    Brad Wong gameplay.

    Decided to make this official. During the beta we can post our findings here and talk about his changes. I'll try to post as much as I can this weekend.
  3. Radiance

    Game plan?

    I've noticed until recently alot of my matches I play on auto pilot. Not just DOA. Normally when I play, I do "what feels right or stick to the book". It's gotten me pretty far, pass the online warriors, but doesn't work when it comes to true competitive players. Players who actually study the...
  4. Radiance

    Using Training Mode

    Created this topic because I wanted different opinions on how players use training mode. A while ago I saw a bunch of posts saying how players were finding new "Tech" in the training mode so I became curious. Other than the usual; finding frametraps, safe moves, unholdable situations, wall...
  5. Radiance

    Marie Rose Safety

    I've compiled a list of Marie's safe strings. Please feel free to add on if I missed anything. Some of these are just string variations. :6::P::P: -5 :P::P::6::P::P: -5 :6::P::K: -6 :P::P::6::P::K: -6 :P::P::P: -5 :9::P: -5 :p+k: -4 (B!) :1::P: :p+k: -4 (B!) :1::P::P: -4 :6::p+k: -4 :3::P::K...
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