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  1. KING

    DOA5LR Jacky Hot Zone 306 DMG combo (NH)

    Love the mods.
  2. KING

    Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - Mai teaser trailer!

    Hopefully Athena and Kula come next. ^^
  3. KING

    Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - Attack On Titan new stage & Costumes!

    This is awesome, although it sucks that the VF characters don't get a costume.
  4. KING

    V-Day DLC Trailer

    Finally some male swimsuit DLC's.
  5. KING

    『DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round』「タツノコプロコラボレーションコスチューム」プレイ動画

    @Silent your right these costumes are ugly, for once I'm happy that the characters I use didn't get a costume.
  6. KING

    DOA5LR (Sgaragarru87) MILA vs ALPHA-152

    Poor Alpha.
  7. KING

    Shikimaru exposed on DOA5LR by UGS BBoy Dragon (super hot fire bonus at the end)

    LMAO! This is a classic. Thx for posting.
  8. KING

    DOA5LR Ein 1K Force tech setups

    I think every Ein player knows about this force tech. Hitomi can do the same thing as well.
  9. KING

    $20 Money Match - Sly Bass Vs Jaeger

    Great Matches.
  10. KING

    DOA5LR: Akira (Verity) vs Honoka XBL

  11. KING

    DOA5LR: Pai (Payne) vs. Akira (Verity) 10/4 pt.2

    Excellent Akira and Pai.
  12. KING

    Akira match (samuraihachi)

    This is one of my favorite Akira costumes besides his samurai and fighters costume.
  13. KING

    DOA5LR (Sgaragarru87) HAYATE vs MARIE ROSE

    Great match!
  14. KING

    Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities!

    Lol, this made my day.
  15. KING


    That mouth of his.
  16. KING

    Battle Royal The Success of Evolution 2015

    EVO 2015 being a success? Did you guys hear about all those thefts that happen at EVO? It was a steal all you can steal event.
  17. KING

    Characters The Blue Flash - DOA5LR Jacky Guide

    Excellent work on the guide, this must of took a lot of time.
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