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  1. Kasumi-Phase-X

    The King of Fighters Series

    We are opening King of Fighters Thread following the time honored custom. This topic we will adopt a Special rule a coverage and conversation about KOF series from main games and spin-offs. That's all... [KPX]
  2. Kasumi-Phase-X

    DOA6 Clothing Damage, Different Specs & Content, and Character Inspirations

    Dead or Alive 6 Director and Producer Yohei Shimbori recently went to Taiwan for an interview, where he talked about the extent of clothing damage, whether Misaki from Venus Vacation might join the game later on, and the inspiration for new characters NiCO and Diego. Shimbori apologized once...
  3. Kasumi-Phase-X

    Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown

    Samurai Spirits Teaser Trailer "Samurai Spirits" has been announced by SNK. This appears to be a sequel or spiritual successor to Samurai Shodown. This also could be a reboot of the series. The countdown timer on...
  4. Kasumi-Phase-X

    Controller to use in EVO

    Since I'm going to EVO side tournament for DOA5LR, what is currently difficult for Me to find is a wired PS4 controllers (at least something that can work on a PS4). I know that wireless controllers are banned in EVO, it really feels like there isn't many options for controllers. I'm not looking...
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