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  1. Addictrian

    Season Pass Mess

    I think you all hate me for that but i have to get it off my mind . We all love DOA . After the Screenshot for SP3 i really think one thing. There is no low budget there is no the game was made in a rush. its alifecicleplan and they know what they are doin from the start (accept the stupid...
  2. Addictrian

    New Arcade mode

    Hey Guys do you remember the Arcade Mode from past DOA Games ? I really miss them and i want it back :) Playing through and have different Interactions between the Fighters and their own Story Timeline. With cool Cutscenes and a Final Boss and a Ending . As a Kid i loved that so much (as an...
  3. Addictrian

    Weather Effects in Fighting Games

    I really wondered the last days what i wanna see more often in Fighting Games . And one thing is weather Effects . There are not much Stages ive seen in Fighting Games which include that. So I really would like to see that . Lightning Storms ,Snow falling down ,Wind. Effects that really impact...
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