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  1. Shining_Wave

    Itagaki to return to gaming?

    I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
  2. Shining_Wave

    DOA6 pre-order extras

    I heard Gamestop will be offering a steelbook plus Nyo and a Kasumi costume.
  3. Shining_Wave

    If you could choose your own Honoka Fu...

    ...Whose moves would you prefer to snatch and put in this one character? Jann Lee's punches? Kasumi's flips? Ayane's spins? Raidou's fireballs? Bayman's tumbles? Brad's... um, laying down? Do you think you'd be unstoppable? Just curious...
  4. Shining_Wave

    DOA6 merch you'd like to see?

    DOA has always had a skimpy selection unlike, say, SF.
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