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  1. Chapstick

    one last shot at youtube uploading (help me)

    This is for the PS3 version. I have never able to upload a single replay, not even with 5 vanilla. I have tried countless times and done all the 'solutions' that have helped other people but they haven't helped me. I get the 8002D001 error every single time. So I'm trying one last time before...
  2. Chapstick

    Weirdest Online Moments

    We've all experienced weird things online in lobbies or ranked or whatever, share your stories here. A lot of weird things keep happening to me so I'll start. Yesterday I was fighting a guy and I was winning and he won a match but then I won a few more times and he quit to spectator in the...
  3. Chapstick

    The GTA V Thread

    Thread for your excitement for GTA V, maybe some last minute news, and after the game launches on the 17th, your findings and cool stuff (maybe screenshots of your gameplay or interesting hidden landmarks or easter eggs? Just post anything GTA V-related.) I mostly wanted to start this thread...
  4. Chapstick

    The Hair Thread

    Let's talk about hair in DOA5U. I know a lot of people are sick of reading about it and someone mentioned making a separate thread about hair so.. Try to keep hair discussion here. Anyone else kind of wish you could toggle Akira's headband especially now that he has his casual jumpsuit outfit?
  5. Chapstick

    Who's your training dummy?

    ^Title, who do you always use as your punching bag in the training lab? Also which stage if not the dojo? In 1 I used Zack. In 2 Hardcore I typically used Ein on any stage. In 5 I usually use Akira in his swimming trunks on Zack Island and sometimes Eliot when I want to try stuff out on a...
  6. Chapstick

    Online lobby problems

    My ps3's in the same room as our router and my connection is great, but lobbies are always a huge hassle. I can usually only join 1/10 lobbies and there are times I can't join a single lobby out of a list of 15. I either get "unable to find opponent" or "unable to join lobby" and sometimes the...
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