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    How has Leifang improved all the way to 6? Will she have more room for improvement in DOA7?

    Do you see any signs that Leifang for sure improved since DOA1-6? What are some feats and accomplishments has she accomplished that will make her the fan favorite to win future DOA tournaments? Will she have more room for improvement in DOA7? How far will she ever reach in the DOA tournament to...
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    For those who are the fans of Persona 5 or have played it, would you consider Makoto Nijima to be the Hitomi of P5?

    Ooh boy would I be down to see a Dead Fantasy equivalent of Makoto and Hitomi squaring off! For the most part, would Makoto Nijima be the Hitomi of P5 since they are both popular martial artists? If not, how so? Not to mention that Tifa gets compared to both Makoto and Hitomi a lot so I want to...
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    Who should be Hitomi's opponents in DOA7 if resumed production in the future?

    Should Hitomi's foes in her storyline be different? It is about time that Kasumi was added but would Hitomi ideally beat Kasumi from the player's perspective after losing to Leifang, Ayane, and Jann Lee in 5 and 6? Mainly her foes frequently consists of Leifang, Jann Lee, Ein/Hayate, Ayane, and...
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    Were there any changes to the power scale in the story when Itagaki left Team Ninja or is it the same as usual?

    Do you notice any similarities and differences regarding the power scale of the character's strengths and weaknesses in the storyline once Itagaki left or is it the same as usual? What do you notice same or different? Which scale for your favorite character did you not like the most? For the...
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    Do you see that Team Ninja should focus more on Ninja Gaiden as it is more sucessful than DOA?

    From what I see, DOA has not been performing very well post Itagaki and I wonder if Ninja Gaiden should be the main focus as it tends to appeal more towards to the majority of the gamers casual and hardcore alike. If Ninja Gaiden keeps up with the success per streak then it is safe to say that...
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    It wasn't shown that Hitomi placed higher in DOA4 so did she quit?

    I am sure Hitomi must have had a high winning streak before she is convinced that DOA4 tourney is a war according to Hayate. Did she quit? If she didn't, what place would she have ended up ideally?
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    Who here isn't surprised that Hitomi lost to Eliot, Leifang, Brad Wong, and Jann Lee for real?

    I wonder which characters below her level will she lose to next? Even though it wasn't a tournament, Hitomi did show signs of weakness in her level when she lost to the 4 but still managed to reach far in the tourneys that she placed high in. Are the characters that Hitomi fought improving to...
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    Ideally when characters spar, are there rare instances that certain characters who lose to others frequently manage to win?

    I know it doesn't apply to the tournament but I know for instance that if characters who frequently lose to a character spar end up winning with a 50% chance even through improvement. It takes many losses of characters just to beat a character in the pre-DOA tourney and once they enter the...
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    Did Hitomi's involvement with Honoka opened to more importance of her character in future games? Did it make up for her lack of involvement with Ayane

    Honoka is said to be Ayane's half sister so I wouldn't be surprised if Hitomi found out connections between the two if the time came. How her involvement now that Honoka entered the fray has made Hitomi more important than she seems to be. In future games, would Hitomi have more of a major role...
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    Ever since Hitomi interacted with Ayane, did you feel like Hitomi would take over Kasumi as Ayane's pairing one day?

    No way Kasumi and Ayane would be replaced but as what was shown through Hitomi's involvement may prove that she may take over or cooperate alongside. What say if Hitomi took over Kasumi as Ayane's pairing once Kasumi's story is finished? Kasumi will always be the poster girl of DOA and to such...
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    Whose relationship do you like between Hitomi/Ayane or Hitomi/Leifang? Which differences and similarities do you see that makes you choose one?

    Hitomi started off with a serious issue when it comes to bonding with females she is close to like Ayane and Leifang. For Ayane, it was her involvement with Kasumi plus Hayate/Ein and martial arts rivalry through acknowledgement and respect while for Leifang it was their involvement with Jann...
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    Ideal opponents for Hitomi's opponents in DOA3 storyline and the transition of her relationship with them in future games?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Stop at 0:35 and you hear Hitomi saying that none can beat her so far in competition so...
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    Are the screenshots of DOA5 including Ultimate, Plus, and Last Round in Nico's monitor in one scene canon?

    Do you by any chance believe that the screenshots shown in Nico's monitor in one of her scenes considered canon? How would DOA explore those scenes at some point?
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    I heard Yui Horie was at Anime Expo 2010 and 2018, did anyone manage to ask her about Hitomi and/or get an autograph?

    How did it go for those who went to see Yui Horie? What did you bring to get an autograph signature by her? What questions did you ask her pertaining to Hitomi during the panel? How did it go for those who are Dead or Alive Hitomi fans?
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    Gonna get an autograph from Eden Riegel and Cassandra Morris. Experience? What about seeing them at conventions?

    Any one here has gotten an autograph from a DOA voice actor/acress? What about attending the panels? I recall that you can get the autograph signed and shipped to you online so how did it go if utilized that option? Which actors/actresses did you meet? I want my favorites to do a video...
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    Anyone here remember DOAX opening gameplay? Remember how Hitomi fails to deflect the volleyball by the likes of Tina and Christie?

    I remember that Tina and Christie hit the volleyball and Hitomi fails to block or deflect it indicates that Hitomi isn't that excellent despite being a good fighter. Is Team Ninja intentionally making her worse than the two? If so, why didn't she get the chance to fight them in her storylines...
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    Hitomi's black tank top in her Karate uniform having yellow laces inconsistency while the other black tank top had pink laces.

    In DOA3 and DOAD, for some reason Hitomi's black tank top had yellow laces while at the same time she wears an actual black tank top with pink laces. Is there some kind of continuity inconsistency going on? After 3, she stopped wearing it for some reason. It would be neat to see Hitomi wearing a...
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    In DOAD, Hitomi's black tank top was reintroduced instead of the yellow from 3. Why is that? 5 and 6 never brought it back for some reason.

    It would seem that white, black, and the recent green are the primary colors for her tank top and it would seem that the yellow is discarded for good. Would there be a problem within the consistency of canon once Itagaki left that allowed those colors to be her primary ones?
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    When we saw Hitomi's Costume 5, who here was stoked and thought it might not have happened? Will we see it in DOA7?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> It has been about one game since Hitomi donned a black tank top and good thing the...
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    What is the win/loss ratio between Hitomi and Leifang through competition online and in person?

    I want to know what is a win/loss ratio between the two as Hitomi got nerfed during DOA5/6 while Leifang improved through patches. It isn't like DOA3/4/D when Hitomi used to be dominant and it would take a highly skilled Leifang player to overcome her. For your perspective playing the two...