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  1. Rikuto

    Official Dead or Alive Xtreme Thread

    This is the new thread for DOAX related discussion. I deemed the old thread to have degenerated into nothing but ugly mods and fap material, and I'm not going through 500+ pages to cherry pick what should and shouldn't be there. Try to remember where you are, and what kind of people visit this...
  2. Rikuto

    I give you all a mission.

    Find a use for WR :K:. This move, outside of power launcher relaunch, seems to have no practical use I can easily discern. I am looking for ideas of course. Show me what you got, people.
  3. Rikuto

    Scribbles in Rikuto's notepad

    (The cumulative garbage of a years worth of processing) PLAY SMARTER DEFENSE BUT DONT YOU DARE PLAY DEFENSE Play with F+K the same way you would 6B. (obsolete) 3p 3p 6ppk (ground slam) 7k (force tech?) into backturn OH/4k mixup. (false without wall, with wall almost impossible) Shield...
  4. Rikuto

    The lack-of-stagger-escape glitch poll

    So a lot of people seem to like this glitch that is present in the 1.03 version. It certainly seems to lend a lot of setups a bigger danger factor to them and create a strong anchor for different strategies. Team Ninja plans on patching this out in Feb, but I'd at least like to see how people...
  5. Rikuto

    V 1.03 IT'S OVER SON!

    BAYMAN 1KK, 2KK: changed disadvantage on normal hit to -5F. 6PP2K: changed disadvantage on normal hit to -3F. Back-turned T: changed hit reaction to allow throws. P+K: changed hit reactions up to Counter hit into sit-down stuns. (Game Over!) Front Wheel - throw (standing opponent): changed...
  6. Rikuto

    Bayman's whiff punishment.

    :8::P::P: is a deceptively long range 2-in-1 on normal hit. It has a very low launch height, but it can be followed up with :P::6::P::K:. At 17 frames, this makes it ideal whiff punishment. It even seems to have a little bit of Jedi power attached to it with invisible range. If you screw up...
  7. Rikuto

    Wonky 3K Instant Recovery "Glitch"? Or Hidden Just Frame? Hmmm...

    I was dicking around today with some launcher setups, and I noticed upon connecting :3::K: after doing a very quick dash towards my airborne opponent Bayman would on occasion recover instantly. This typically happened when my opponent was very low to the ground. I was able to replicate this...
  8. Rikuto

    Something I'd like people to start testing...

    As some of you know, the overall life gauge was increased in DOA 5 for normal health. This was, in my opinion, largely unnecessary. To compound this error there are people playing large or largest online and that just baffles me, because those matches take waaaay too long to end. I came across...
  9. Rikuto

    Three strikes and you're out. (Quick Bayman CB guide)

    First of all, let me say that I do not go for Critical Burst (CB) very often with Bayman. In fact I think a lot of the time it is a mistake as he gets very good damage and wakeup pressure without going through that extra risk. That said, he DOES have some fairly legit setups into it. You will...
  10. Rikuto


    Glitchiest. Release. Ever. .... and I'm not even mad about it. Wtf?
  11. Rikuto

    Mentality Behind The Monster (Open Space Shenanigans)

    More often than not, your juggles with Bayman will suck if you try to max out the threshold. This is honestly a waste of time, because currently his post CB juggle is broken and needs to be fixed. He doesn't have to waste his time with CB's and big juggles though... that's not how he rolls these...
  12. Rikuto

    Ask me anything.

  13. Rikuto

    I think Gamespot is encouraging gamer suicide.

    This has to be the most depressing set of headlines I think I've ever read back-to-back.
  14. Rikuto

    Actual Odds Of Beating The Threshold

    Accumulated probability for dummies and how easy it is to guess your way out of a tight spot in DOA. This is not for debating why you like 3 point or 4 point, it's to show you how stupid you are if you actually do with its current implementation of holds in stun from doa 4-d-5 alpha. This...
  15. Rikuto

    Holds in Critical State -- just get rid of the damn thing already?

    Now I know the counter-argument to this already, and it's a valid one -- you remove holds in hitstun from DOA and it's no longer DOA. I also understand the supporting arguments, that the problems DOA 4 introduced can be rectified with natural combos, guaranteed environmental damage, shorter...
  16. Rikuto

    The Greatest Country In The World

    The average life expectancy of the russian male is 59 years old. After watching this, I'm surprised they live that long.
  17. Rikuto

    Living in harmony with rabid casuals? (Rikuto's dangerous "opinion")

    Disclaimer: Wall of motherfuckingtext! I firmly believe most people will disagree with this. At times I disagree with it myself. On nights like tonight however, I find myself overwhelmed with the despair that maybe there is just no other rationale way to view things. I stay as cool as I can...
  18. Rikuto

    Fuck you starcraft

    I just want to play some games in lower divisions, learn slowly, get better, maybe play with some of the bigger boys one day. I never aspired to rival the crazy ass koreans or anything... yet, this. Platinum!? I'm not even a fucking gold quality player! Guess its another season of getting...
  19. Rikuto

    Best Skyrim Mods Ever

    nuff said.
  20. Rikuto

    Wall of Shame

    I'm starting this up, because every site should have a thread for when people their lose heads and turn into salty rage monsters. I will be playing online a bit more often and saying absolutely nothing. No trolling, no flaming, in fact probably not even any responding, just taking the quotes of...
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