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  1. Matt Ponton

    Online: STEAM Community Tournament - Europe | May 25th, 2019
  2. Matt Ponton

    Online: La bagarre #2 - Europe | May 18th-19th 2019
  3. Matt Ponton

    Community The Growing SoCal DOA6 Community

    The Southern California Dead or Alive community has been very active since the March 1st release of DOA 6. There has been a strong showing from long time veterans of the game as well as newcomers. @iHajinShinobi and his slippery Ayane has taken the top spot in all 3 of the SoCal tourneys thus...
  4. Matt Ponton

    Understanding the Break Gauge

    I've seen some confusion or just a lack of information in regard to understanding how the Break Gauge is filled. The Break Gauge has a maximum of 200 points, contrary to the 300 points of life set on normal. Every hit, with the exception of attacks that cause Fatal Stun, has about 33% of the...
  5. Matt Ponton

    Dead or Alive 4's Special Wake-up Attack Glitch Returns

    The buffering glitch originating in Dead or Alive 4 has resurrected in Dead or Alive 6. This glitch did not occur in Dead or Alive Dimensions or Dead or Alive 5, but found its way back with Dead or Alive 6. If you perform a move that uses your special wake-up attack's input, and are then put on...
  6. Matt Ponton

    Dead or Alive 6 Weight Classes

    Dead or Alive 6 like the Dead or Alives before it has a weight system. Each character has different weights, making some characters launch higher than others when hit. In Dead or Alive 6 the weight classes are the following. I've used my own naming schema for each class. Additionally, every...
  7. Matt Ponton

    Major June 28-30, 2019 - CEO Fighting Game Championships

    CEO 2019 FIGHTING GAME CHAMPIONSHIPS CEO 2019 returns to the Daytona Beach Ocean Center on June 28th – June 30th, featuring 200,000 sq ft of space and an arena finals viewing hall. CEO has the latest fighting game titles, giant arcade room, vendors, artists and more all under one roof for an...
  8. Matt Ponton

    Improving the Neutral: Shimbori Talks System Changes

    Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS) took place between the dates of September 20th to September 23rd in the Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time attending the event, and I had the fortune to visit it during the press-exclusive days of the 20th and 21st in addition to the public...
  9. Matt Ponton

    What Questions would you ask to Shimbori?

    If you were given the chance to ask Shimbori about Dead or Alive 6 and the upcoming release, what would you want to ask him?
  10. Matt Ponton

    News Team NINJA DOA5 Tournament Support Comes to an End

    A year ago at the Battle Royal 2016 finals Team NINJA Creative Director Tom Lee said, "Next year's Battle Royal event will be an event you don't want to miss." As the year went on, members in the community couldn't help but wonder due to the intonation of Tom's speech if something big was...
  11. Matt Ponton

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and in honor of this month I have decided that 20% of the price for the White & Pink Hoodies in the Free Step Dodge Shop will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the end of the month. That's about $12 for every White & Pink hoodie...
  12. Matt Ponton

    Free Step Dodge Celebrates Its Sixth Birthday

    Hello everyone! Six years ago today, I set out with @virtuaPAI and @The HuBBs to create a Dead or Alive forum that could help spread the word about the depth of Dead or Alive. I'm happy to be sitting here six years later reflecting on how far we have come as a community. We took this series...
  13. Matt Ponton

    Command Shortcuts

    Need to know his throw/OH/attack command shortcuts. Don't feel like scanning through all of the General Discussion thread.
  14. Matt Ponton

    Battle Royal NEC16 Date & Venue Changed

    Following the announcement of Capcom Cup 2015's schedule sharing an event date with that of Big E Gaming's North East Championships 16, Big E Gaming had to reschedule their event. The huge Street Fighter IV event supported by PlayStation Experience created a major conflict. The new date for...
  15. Matt Ponton

    Battle Royal Summer Jam 9 This Weekend!

    Summer Jam 9 is happening this weekend in Pennsylvania, USA. As the next step in the Battle Royal 2015, Team NINJA has decided to give a $1,000 pot bonus to the event. The tournament event is also free entry, but you still have to pay for venue fee. Summer Jam 9 is an annual event hosted by Big...
  16. Matt Ponton

    Battle Royal Final Day to Pre-register for Summer Jam 9

    Today is the last day to pre-register for Summer Jam 9, being held August 28-30 in Philadelphia, PA. Summer Jam 9 will be the next stop in Battle Royal 2015. It's also being given free entry to the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round tournament, and the Top 8 placers will earn double the points towards...
  17. Matt Ponton

    System Streams Feature Fixed

    The Free Step Dodge Streams feature (finally) has been fixed and restored. If you would like to submit a stream please go here. I'll be performing modifications as I'm able, to restore full service as it was. This was an issue that was caused by the site database corruption that hit a few months...
  18. Matt Ponton

    Battle Royal The Success of Evolution 2015

    Shortly after @Gehaktbal won his qualifier to the Dead or Alive Festival, @Mr.Kwiggle came out the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round champion at Evolution 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the Dead or Alive players in attendance are reporting the great atmosphere of Evolution and great times they had with...
  19. Matt Ponton

    Community Gehaktbal defeats Ky-Dragon to qualify for DOA Festival

    Today in Paris, France @Gehaktbal was able to defeat Ky-Dragon in the grand finals of Stun Academy #3 and providing him a paid trip into the Dead or Alive Festival tournament being held in Tokyo, Japan on August 1, 2015. The Dead or Alive Festival will be featuring an international set of...
  20. Matt Ponton

    Community Kwiggle and XCaliburBladeZ Chosen To Represent North America at the DOA Festival

    Tom Lee and Big E Gaming have just announced that Kristian "MC Kwiggle" McLean and Ryane "XCalibur BladeZ" Jimenez will be representing North America at the Dead or Alive Festival in Tokyo, Japan on August 1st. The pair will be provided airfare and board by Koei Tecmo. Ryane was known as one...
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