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  1. usagiZ

    System [TUT] Fixing Anti-Air Lows

    So, this continues to be a problem in DOA: (gif by @WAZAAAAA ) Lows hitting you during airborne attacks, even when the hitbox shouldn't connect. Other 3D fighters deal with this by making you invincible to lows during air attacks. DOA has the capability to do this, but the coding for these...
  2. usagiZ

    DOA4 [Mod] Kasumi Alpha Moveset

    This is the DOA4 version of the DOAOL Kasumi Alpha Moveset mod: ============================================================================= [/spoiler]
  3. usagiZ

    [Stages] Wall / Collision Data Edits

    I've been trying to figure out how to edit the collision data for doa2u stages, and was partially successful in my most recent tests. Collision Test 1: So for collision test 1, I copy-pasted a section of data from one stage_dat.bin onto this highlighted section of the island's stage_dat.bin...
  4. usagiZ

    [DOA2++] Moveset Editing Project

    Hey everyone, this is the DOA2++ Moveset Editing Project thread. This gameplay patch for DOA2U aims to port some content from other DOA games in the hopes of bringing some new life to the gameplay: ||==++||Directory||++==|| [/SPOILER] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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