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  1. ninemil

    News Team Ninja are working with Square Enix and Sony on the new Dissidia game

    Official press releases in English bound to appear later, but in the mean time, sites like Dengeki are carrying first coverage of today's closed conference. One has to wonder if this is why release support for Last Round has been so poor. Does anyone who knows the TN team, know just how much...
  2. ninemil

    DOA5LR Double import title progression?

    Indulge a point of curiosity, would you? For those of us who double-imported, (5 -> 5U, 5U -> LR) how many titles have you unlocked so far? Also, have you hit, (or are close to hitting) the 3000 wins title on anyone?
  3. ninemil

    System Launching a match from Fighter List

    Indulge an obvious question for me, would you? This feature has never worked reliably for me, but with Last Round coming to PS4, I have some friends eager to try DoA, who want to mess around in Ultimate beforehand to get a feel for the game and it's features. Lobbies work fine, but someone asked...
  4. ninemil

    DOA5U EU PSN, 25/9 - thought today was the day?

    Checked this morning: No listing for Core Fighters. Only accessible by searching for Dead or Alive, selecting one of the character unlocks, and going to 'game page' listed in the product description. Unable to purchase Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, with the reason given by the store as: 'you...
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