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  1. DyByHands

    So theres a 4chan (I know) rumor. Thoughts?

    So I guess theres a 4chan roster rumor going around. I had seen this on resetera. I dont visit 4chan. But, thought this was interesting. And seen no one was talking of it here. Who knows if it can be at all believed. Its not my intention to spread rumors or pure bs. But I figured it was worth it...
  2. DyByHands

    Not a Bug Possible bug with Main Character stamps?

    Ok, this could just be on my end here, and maybe "banner" isn't the right word I am looking for. But hear me out. When users have the banners or whatever, like how Mr. Wah has a Bass image and Emporer Cow has a Nyotengu in the background of their posts, this makes me unable to "Like"...
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