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  1. just_me

    Nioh 2 Alpha Demo Impressions

    Since I don’t want Brute to punch his monitor, or damage any other device he might use to view this thread, I’ll start with this: I did not receive an Alpha Code either, so all my impressions are just from watching a fairly limited amount of content. (watching most people play Nioh just...
  2. just_me

    Guardian Spirit Combination Bonuses

    Checked this today after upgrading all Spirits to Lvl 60 and am only aware of a semi-complete and now slightly outdated thread about the issue on reddit, so thought I’d just share. Since v1.07 (Dragon of the North Update) players can assign 2 Guardian Spirits (after beating the base game I...
  3. just_me

    Ethereal Gear Info Dump (Defiant Honor DLC)

    This posts contains all information about ethereal gear in Nioh I am personally aware of. This may, or may not be a work in progress and information may, or may not be (and stay) accurate. We will do this Q&A style for the most part. I’m still only my first play through, is this relevant to me...
  4. just_me

    Feature Request html5 video as .gif replacement

    People seem to get into the habit of posting obscenely large .gifs and a single page load might require 100+MB of data (and it's not just the DoAX3 Thread :P ) However more often than not those .gifs are hosted on services that automatically convert to and provide video alternatives (imgur...
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