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  1. Forlorn Penguin

    Fixed Some text is hard to read in dark mode

    When using the new dark mode skin, the text displayed for threads with unread messages appears in a dark red color that is difficult to make out against the dark background. Any chance it could be changed to something more legible? I believe the old dark mode used a blue font that worked well.
  2. Forlorn Penguin

    21:9 Ultra Widescreen Edit

    Found this at This is a hex edit for DOA3's Default.xbe file to enable a 21:9 ultra widescreen aspect ratio. Open Default.xbe in a hex editor. Find the value "3F 0000103F" and replace it with "3F 0000D83E" This patch is only for DOA3.1/DOA3++ and DOA3.2. The "3F 0000103F"...
  3. Forlorn Penguin

    List of attacks that are neutral/advantage on block

    Unlike the games that came after it, DOA2 does not have any guardbreak attacks, so pretty much every attack in the game is negative on block. However there still are just a small number of attacks in the game that, when blocked, will leave the attacker at neutral, or even with frame advantage...
  4. Forlorn Penguin

    Hurricane Pack I & II installer for Xbox

    The Xbox Live servers for the original Xbox are gone forever, however anyone who still wants the DLC for vanilla Ninja Gaiden can still acquire it. With the link below, you can download an installer that will add Hurricane Pack: Volume I and Hurricane Pack: Volume II to your Xbox's hard drive. I...
  5. Forlorn Penguin

    DOAU Xbox Live Auto-Update?

    In my attempts to find Halo 2's 1.5 update and Blastacular Pack DLC, which are no longer obtainable through normal means due to the original Xbox Live servers being shut down now, I stumbled upon a collection of salvaged DLC and updates for original Xbox games, and among them was patch data for...
  6. Forlorn Penguin

    DOA2 Character Weight Classes

    This game didn't have a thread for this, so I'm posting one. This should be accurate for all versions of DOA2, but Bayman, Tengu, and Hitomi are not playable in every version. Light: :ayane::hitomi::kasumi: Medium: :ein::hayabusa::helena::jannlee::leifang::tina::zack: Medium-Heavy: :genfu...
  7. Forlorn Penguin

    Characters "Sa, maire~!" - Nyotengu video thread

    This is the place for all those who follow the way of the tengu to post replays of their matches as Nyotengu. Show all fellow Tengu-dou practitioners how you use this majestic art to crush those impudent humans. Make our lord and savior, Bankotsubo, proud. :tengu: :nyotengu:
  8. Forlorn Penguin

    3.0 Bayman and Leon

    Curious as to whether or not anyone has any tech regarding Bayman and/or Leon in 3.0. Combos, juggles, set ups, wall stuff. Anything at all.
  9. Forlorn Penguin

    [Nov 17, 2013] CEO Never Sleeps (Orlando, FL)

    CEO Never Sleeps will be running DOA5U if sixteen people pre-register by November 1st. The event will take place on Saturday, November 16th and Sunday, November 17th with setup and casuals taking place on Friday night (the 15th). DOA5U will take place on Sunday. The event will be held at the...
  10. Forlorn Penguin

    Fixed Can't "Watch" any forum with only one page

    I was viewing various character subforums in the Dead or Alive 5 Discussion hub and tried to use the "Watch Forum" option on a few of them and noticed that some allow it, while others, strangely, do not. I figured it was worth reporting, so I went ahead and checked all of the subforums in the...
  11. Forlorn Penguin

    Subway's "Musings of a Tengu Master"

    This is a guide to DOA4 Tengu by Subway (also known as NOD Subway, or Yawbus Don), which he originally posted on DOAWorld in May of 2012. Since it's about tech and strategy and all that jazz, I figured we should have it here on FSD as well. I take no credit for this. As I said, it's Subway's...
  12. Forlorn Penguin

    Orlando-ish, Florida

    Are there any fellow DOA players, or fighting game players in general interested in meeting up for local matches, gatherings, tournaments, et cetera in Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Aloma, Lake Mary, Fern Park, Winter Springs, Maitland, or any areas close by?
  13. Forlorn Penguin

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Haven't seen anyone talk about this game yet and it's only just over a month away. Anybody interested? I can't wait to play it, personally. I'm actually not all that big on comic book super heroes and the like, but I loved Mortal Kombat 9 and the same team that made that (NetherRealm Studios) is...
  14. Forlorn Penguin

    "The Ultimate Hyper Clone" achievement

    I don't know if this has been brought up before. I apologize in advance if it has been, and you may lock/delete this thread. So, as you all know The "The Ultimate Hyper Clone" achievement is unlocked by acquiring all 524 titles. For most players this achievement would either take forever to...
  15. Forlorn Penguin

    Your Achievements

    In a spirit similar to Lobo's Player Stats thread, with DOA4 in it's final weeks, post which achievements you managed to get, and those you didn't. Feel free to make simple conversation over DOA4's achievements as well. I have 32/45 achievements with 555/1000 Gamerscore. Here are mine, in the...
  16. Forlorn Penguin

    DOA4 or DOAD?

    So, I'm fairly certain that these are the two most disliked games in the series, but I don't know which one is generally considered worse. Personally, I couldn't stand Dimensions at all. I stopped playing it just a few weeks after it came out. To me, it felt like a lazy port of DOA4 with a few...
  17. Forlorn Penguin

    Tier List?

    Is there an official community tier list for DOA4? I understand that DOA4 is despised by the community, but I still find it odd that there doesn't seem to be a tier list for it. Maybe no one cares, but I'd like to see one, even though we'll all likely never touch this game again after DOA5...
  18. Forlorn Penguin

    First DOA5 pre-order bonus

    Pre-order at to get the "DOA Devils" black bunny swimsuit for Tina, Christie, and Ayane. I really hope that DOA5 isn't another one of those games that makes you pre-order it a 4 or 5 different stores to get everything...
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