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  1. SilverForte

    Hitomi sparring partners

    Hey guys, gonna be picking up this char more recently, was wondering if anyone wanted to have some games, share knowledge, stuff like that.
  2. SilverForte

    Attacking out of stun

    Okay folks, I'm looking for some feedback here. I've noticed that I get thrown way too much, I try to stagger escape everything, but end up just getting thrown. I try to fuzzy guard but it's not very consistent. I like to block a lot, it's something that really carried over from other fighters...
  3. SilverForte

    The Genra Thread

    The official(not really) Genra thread. Feel free to talk about anything related to genra here, be it his moveset, strategy, or whatever. "YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A MOTE OF DUST IN THE ANGRY WINDS"
  4. SilverForte

    Kentucky Thread

    So I plan to be back in Kentucky in June and want to get in some offline play with people, I know Nereus is there but the more the merrier you know. I would also like to use this thread to consolidate information on local places for gaming, etc.
  5. SilverForte

    Change for 1.05

    6 H+K,K,K has a different hit effect on air hit now, can anyone clarify what this actually means?
  6. SilverForte

    Looking for anyone still playing this, or even has it

    Ey guys, just wondering who still plays this, I'd really like to get some matches in with people here, as I don't have doa5 nor am able to obtain it atm. Besides, Genra is only in this game and he rules. Thanks
  7. SilverForte

    Serious sam

    The 3rd just came out on consoles last week, so I figured I'd make this thread, I know there's another fan out there, I've seen ya on the serious forums. The 3rd is great from what I've played, not as good as FE and SE, but much better than all the other shooters out nowadays. Haven't played...
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