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  1. gamemaster14

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus mods possible with Henkaku?

    A mod for the psvita called Henkaku (psv 3.60 ONLY) and the programs Maidumptool and Vitamin allow you to dump the games you own and run them off the ps vita's memory card. A nice side effect is the vpk file it dumps is essentially a zip file, one could theoretically modify game contents before...
  2. gamemaster14

    New character dlc you would like to see?

    Not sure if it was asked before but, what new DLC character would you like to see added to DOA5 Last Round? Personally I would like to see Rio from Dead or Alive Paradise/Tecmo gambling games. I am just not sure what fighting style she would use if they did include her. I wouldn't mind if they...
  3. gamemaster14

    Dead or Alive Dimensions on pc!!!

    Removed by mod.
  4. gamemaster14

    Dead or Alive 4 Modding Thread (lets collect all the information about modding this game)

    From what I have seen many people have tried to mod doa4, the problem being, there have been a mod here and there tried by a modder or two and nothing really came together. I have created this thread to bring together any data about modding doa4. I have seen topics with things as simple as...
  5. gamemaster14

    Anyone else sad to see no DOA news at e3?

    Now don't get me wrong having Last Round and all the other dlc is pretty nice but honestly even if it were something very minor I wouldn't have minded seeing some news about the future of the Dead or Alive series. DOA5 came out in 2012 and they have been milking it ever since. Even if it were...
  6. gamemaster14

    Free Step Dodge is Now DOA Central?

    So I came to the forum today expecting the normal Free Step Dodge theme only to be greeted by a whole DOA Central theme. Has the site changed hands or something or is it just a theme change?
  7. gamemaster14

    Anyone else get annoyed when you search for something Dead or Alive but get that Music Band instead?

    So many times I am searching ebay or another site and I am searching for something related to the game series Dead or Alive but end up getting this stupid band: Just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else.
  8. gamemaster14

    What "new" feature in any doa game would you do away with?

    Personally for me, I don't like the power blow moves that doa5 introduced as I find it breaks up the action a bit and is something that could be easily abused. Plus I feel it does not fit too well with the rest of the series mechanics. Edit: Almost forgot about, Tecmo milking the dlc cow for...
  9. gamemaster14

    What early arcade memories do you have? (arcade games played when you were young)

    When I was young we used to go to Seaside Heights, NJ every year. Back in the day there used to be mostly arcade video games with of course some point/token skeeball and slot machines (not winning real money). I remember playing games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons and even...
  10. gamemaster14

    How does Honoka know Raidou?

    If you play Tag mode with Raidou and Honoka, when they win Honoka will ask Raidou if she kinows him from somewhere. Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?
  11. gamemaster14

    Who was your Favorite Gauntlet Legends Character? (Specify color if you want)

    This is one of those questions I always seam to get different answers for. If you played either Gauntlet Legends in the arcade or on Dreamcast, Playstation, or N64, Who was your character or choice? For me it was always Green Archer. I had played this game alot on a cruise to Bermuda when I was...
  12. gamemaster14

    Do any of the "previous gen" versions contain new costumes for existing characters?

    Updated my 360 version to Last Round and got the required costume catalog 2 (was there a Costume Catalog 1 for DOA5LR?) and noticed that none of the existing characters have any new costumes at all. My guess is tecmo is trying to force everyone to get a new game console in order to get any new...
  13. gamemaster14

    Does anyone else think Microsoft and Sony Console owners should be able to cross play?

    Now I could understand 360 players not being able to play with ps4 players or ps3 players not being able to play with Xbox One players but wouldn't it make sense if Xbox 360 owners and Xbox One owners can cross play or PS3 and PS4 Players could cross play? My only guess is the online systems are...
  14. gamemaster14

    What was your first Dead or Alive game and what did you initially think of the series?

    My question(s) for you is(are): What was your first Dead or Alive game and what did you first think of DOA upon initially trying it out? (what hooked you, anything you didn't like). Also what had you heard about the series previous to playing it? How were you introduced to the series/where did...
  15. gamemaster14

    Have you ever played Soul Calibur II Arcade in Texas Area, You Might be in my game!!

    I had purchased a Namco System 246 arcade system on ebay from a seller in Corpus Christi, Texas. The names from the Conquest Mode appear to be data from real players when the game was on location. I will link my 2 videos and put the character list here on this topic. If for some reason, you or...
  16. gamemaster14

    Currently compiling Dead or Alive ++ Information, Any help would be appreciated.

    As you all may know Dead or Alive ++ Released in 1998 on the Sony Zn (Custom TPS Bios) hardware is one of the lesser known doa games. Its fighting system is a unique combination of features from doa1 and some new stuff that would later be used in doa2. It features a 6 point hold system and all...
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