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  1. TRI Mike

    DOA6 wall splat combos

    I remember I did one of these threads back in the DOA5 days so I'll do it again for 6. Let's try and gather up all the character's best wall juggles (the ones we use after the DOA5 wall splat) in a single thread. I'll post the ones I've found so far: :honoka: On lights: :3::3::P::4::P::P::P: On...
  2. TRI Mike

    DOA6 First Dead or Alive 6 tournament in Madrid, Spain

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone else in Madrid is playing DOA6 and is interested in showing up to a local tournament. You can register in this link. Entry fee is 5 euros and there will be prizes apparently.
  3. TRI Mike

    Honoka Combo and Strategy Thread

    I wanted to make a new thread for us Honoka players to post her new combos, strategy and usefulness of the new moves and mechanics in DOA6. After 24 hours with the final game, I can say Honoka feels much better here than in DOA5. As @CookingMama listed in the other thread, she has a bunch of new...
  4. TRI Mike

    Madrid players

    If anyone in Madrid, Spain wants to play some offline matches, we should organize something. Online also works if you're in any other spanish city or EU. Not looking to be super competitive but it'd be nice to meet fellow players and have people to play DOA6 with.
  5. TRI Mike

    I'm honestly getting tired of dealing with people's opinions on DOA

    This post is mostly unrelated to DOA6 itself but I really wanna share my thoughts on this. I'm seriously getting sick of reading people's hostile and ignorant thoughts on this franchise. I know DOA has always had a "delicate" reputation of being a titty fighter, which is completely undeserved in...
  6. TRI Mike

    Nitroplus Blasterz

    Is anyone here interested in this fighter¿ I comes out next tuesday and from what I've seen, it looks decent enough to at least play casually when someone visits my house. It has characters from things I like and I think it'll be fun.
  7. TRI Mike

    So, what's the consensus on DOA5¿

    It's already been more than three years since DOA5 and I'd like to know what's the general consensus from a competitive/gameplay point of view. I haven't been as active in the forums since @Tulkas left the country and the local community went to shit, but I still lurk from time to time and I've...
  8. TRI Mike

    The 6T Thread

    As all of you know already, Noka's punish grab is a weak throw that leaves her at +frames, giving her a good opportunity to mantain the offensive. Still, DOA is a game with strong defensive options so Noka's foe still has a chance to hold or step her if she keeps on attacking after 6T. So I'd...
  9. TRI Mike

    Characters Do you see Genra coming back in LR¿

    Now that I'm liking playing as Nyo and Raidou (and like to see Phase-4 and Alpha in action), I'm much more open to the bosses being playable. Genra is the only one yet to return so I'm messing with him in DOAD, thing I never did when the game was active (this game was active... right¿), and I...
  10. TRI Mike

    TRI Mike's Raidou Guide

    I put up a small guide for personal use and think it'd be nice to have it here as well. :cyborg: Safe Moves: :6::P::P: -3GB :K::K: -4 :4::K: -3 :3::3::K::P: +0 :4::P::K: -4GB :9::P: -5 :1::P::P: -5GB (You should probably never, ever finish this string though) :P::P::4::P::K: +2GB :236::K: -5...
  11. TRI Mike

    System Wall juggle list.

    I think I already made a thread like this back in vanilla or very early Ultimate but since I can't find it, I'm making it again. I want us to list the best juggles each character has after slamming an opponent into a wall. The (very little) community where I live plays in 240 life so we like to...
  12. TRI Mike

    Fixed Banners appear very aliased

    The new design for the site is excellent but it's making the banner screenshots look very pixelated. Maybe it's time to change them to hires images¿
  13. TRI Mike

    What's the general consensus on Marie Rose¿

    What's the general opinion of the competitive community on her¿ I know she has a lot of great tools but how has she been doing in tournaments¿ What does people think about her viability¿
  14. TRI Mike

    How to deal with wake-up kicks and invincible techs

    I know this has been brought before but for the life of me I just can't find a consistent way to deal with wake-up kicks and moves whiffing on a teching opponent. It pisses me off that making someone fall down gives him/her the advantage. Wake-up kicks can be negative on block, I know this but...
  15. TRI Mike

    Anything guaranteed after BT Throw¿

    Does this pretty, flat-chested loli get anything guaranteed from landing her BT OH¿ I love using it and pissing people off with it.
  16. TRI Mike

    Parries options

    What do you guys use after a successful parry¿ I usually go for an 8P lift stun and do whatever the fuck I want from there but I wanna know other options. Especially if they can come from @SweetRevenge117
  17. TRI Mike

    Characters Marie Rose Combo and Strategy thread

    Thread reserved to post anything and everything about combos, moves and general strategy for Marie Rose. I'll try to keep the first post updated with important info like juggles depending on weight class, frame traps, safe moves and things like that. OK so I'm editing this post to update with...
  18. TRI Mike

    What's the point of the new moves¿

    I haven't really played Busa since vanilla so I just recently found his new moves. But I'm having trouble figuring out what to use them for. I'm especifically talking about: :4::4::P: WR :H+K: SS :K::9::P: // :4::H+K::9::P: The new :4::P::K: ender :H+K::K::P: Any help with this¿ I'm especially...
  19. TRI Mike

    Any help with Shozo-Izuna¿

    I just can't with the timing for the grab. Is there any trick¿
  20. TRI Mike

    Starting to train with Sarah, what do I need¿

    I've just picked Sarah up and to be honest, I'm quite lost. I don't know how to start my offensive with her or with moves are important. These VF characters feel right at home in DOA when you look at them fight, but when PLAYING as them, the difference between games is very clear. Unlike with...
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