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  1. human013

    Any videos of Hayate?

    I need to see how a fairly decent player plays. Anyone know where a large amount of Hayate videos are? I looked around but there isn't much.
  2. human013

    While rising attacks

    Does anyone have and tips or advices on how to perform them quickly? In the combo training I can never land the attack. I usually hold guard, release, then attack, but its too slow. I also tried pressing 33, holding it, releasing it , and attacking but its never fast enough enough? Sometimes I...
  3. human013

    Are holds used by everyone who plays or only skilled players?

    From what I've seen everyone uses holds and they seem easy to do. I come from a soulcalibur background and I'm just asking because holds seems like the guard impact in soulcalibur. This is how i think of it in soulcalibur: Beginners usually only block (I've been playing for many years, since...
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