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  1. CommanderWiggles

    Marie's Special Wakeup Kick?

    Okay, so I know all characters have wakeup blows- Kasumi and Kokoro with H+K face-down towards opponent, Hitomi and Eliot with P+K upwards-leg facing opponent, and Ayane with H+K upwards-head facing opponent, the list goes on. So, Psycho and I have been trying to figure out Marie's, and we...
  2. CommanderWiggles

    Any Temp Solutions Until I Get a New Xbox?

    A PS3 sounds better to me but I already have it on 360 so... This happened in my copy of DOA5 as well, so I conclude it as my Xbox. I deleted all cache and content that wasn't needed. So, it's down to two issues: 1. Game freezes. This happens in character select. This usually happens...
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