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  1. Brute

    Scrubbing Lisa

  2. Brute

    DOA's Weirdly Inconsistent Input System

    Apologies if this is well-known/established tech, but it bothers me, and for the life of me I don't understand why it doesn't bother everyone else.
  3. Brute

    Fixed No "Like" Button?

    I can't seem to figure out how to "like" posts in threads after the site update. Can still "like" comments on status posts fine, and previous "likes" still appear. But the button to make a new like seems to be gone. That or I'm just blind, which is also possible.
  4. Brute

    Official DOA6 Tier List

    This tier list is the result of a week-long think-tank comprised of all the top DOA players. S Tier Baymax, Marie Rose, Rig A Tier Bass, Hitomi, Mila, NiCO, Salad B Tier Eliot, Hayabusa, Kasumi, Kokoro, Nyotengu, Other Kasumi, Raidou C Tier Ayane, Brad Wong*, Christie, Helena, Lisa, Zack D...
  5. Brute

    A Brute Perspective on Sidestepping

    The new sidestep system has to be one of the most polarizing gameplay mechanics in DOA6. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not as simple as “you need to get good and learn to adapt” or “they dodge everything and it’s unfair.” I think it’s a bit more complicated than that, so just hear me out...
  6. Brute

    Mathematician Problem

    So, I just beat Arcade on Legend with no losses and net 16 costume pattern parts. The in-game banner says that costume pattern part drops will be multiplied by ten until March 10. 10 / 16 = 1.6 So, how many pattern parts does completing Arcade on Legend give you normally?
  7. Brute

    A Collection of Observations & Opinions of Early DOA6 Info

    I'm a generally critical guy, and I've been characteristically critical of a few aspects concerning DOA6 since its announcement back in June. I am fully aware of the fact that DOA6 is still in "early development" and that technically everything is subject to change. As such, all of my opinions...
  8. Kasumi

    DOA6 Sexualization Discussion

    “We wanted to make a more cool and mature Dead or Alive this time, and to that end we made a conscious decision to make the characters less sexualized,” Shimbori told IGN. Interesting, they tried this with DOA5 and they have to give up, I wonder if they are committed to it this time.
  9. Brute

    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I'm surprised this game doesn't have a thread here, already (if it does, alert me and I'll merge the threads). The open beta is this weekend, and in preparation, Prima seems to have an all-character movelist for specials and supers which can be found here. While I am looking forward to Adult...
  10. Brute

    Twilight Mission Rotation

    Two Questions: 1) Is there a set rotation pattern or are two missions chosen at random every day? 2) Is there any place I can check which Twilight missions I've completed on a specific difficulty, even if they are not currently in rotation? I'm going for the "Destroyer of Demons" trophy and...
  11. Brute

    Fixed Statuses Missing from Profile Page

    Check my current profile page. All of my statuses are missing save the last two.
  12. Brute

    Feature Request Platforms Available (Profile Option)

    Was thinking it might be handy to add a "Platforms" field under the Information tab of profile pages. Currently people have to ask which platforms people own the game on to see if they can set-up matches, since Gamertags and PSNIDs can apply to both current and last gen consoles and versions of...
  13. Brute

    News DOA5LR Steam Summer Sale (PC)

    The PC version of DOA5LR is currently on sale through Steam for 40% off ($23.99 total). Additionally, two of the costume DLC packs are currently 50% off, so for many of you on a budget, this will possibly be your best opportunity to snag those (Fun Theme Set & Halloween Debut Costume Set). You...
  14. Brute

    Characters Hayabusa - 5 Vanilla to 5U Comparison

    So, I thought with DOA5U coming to a close now with LR on the horizon it might be interesting to reflect on the changes Hayabusa has gone through between the final patch of Vanilla and the final patch of Ultimate. There are bound to be things I missed, so feel free to remind me of anything that...
  15. Brute

    New Female Character Teased in DOA5:LR Trailer

    The new female character was teased with a brief shot in the latest trailer released by Team Ninja, showing off some of the day 1 DLC costumes available in exclusive bundles. Also of note is the Steam logo displayed at the end of the trailer, officially confirming a PC release alongside the...
  16. Brute

    DOA5LR Japanese Release Date and Package details rumored

    From Eventhubs. Sounds rather pricey. Wonder if they come with statues/figurines.
  17. Brute

    DOA5U Izuna Drop Tutorial

    It's been requested countless times by now, so I finally got around to making this. Quick work, but it gets the job done. Audio glitches a bit. Something with the recording software I haven't quite worked out. Sorry about that. I also spoke a bit fast to keep the video under 10 minutes so it...
  18. Brute

    News Version 1.07 (aka: "1.06") Patch Now Available

    The newest version of DOA5U is now available on PSN, though Phase 4 is still not available for purchase. Downloading it on PSN will label it as the "1.06" patch, but the game updates on the title screen officially as the "1.07" version of the game. The changelog can be viewed on the official...
  19. Brute


    It has armor and weapons and bad guys. Oh, it's vague and confusing as fuck all the time. So, this is basically the place to discuss the games regarding tips, strategies, general opinions or if you want to link up in multiplayer, share which game(s) you have on what platform(s). Currently, I'm...
  20. Brute

    Ninja Gaiden 2 OST

    Okay, first off, one of the most amazing game soundtracks of all time. If you haven't heard it outside the game, do so. It's brilliant. Second, I'm having difficulty placing some of the tracks, as in I don't remember at what part(s) in the game they play at. I was wondering if anyone could help...
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