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  1. PrincessPeachfan2016

    The quest to unweil the DOA4 Avatar secrets, (Assistance required)

    Hello guys, As you can see DOA4 was a very obscure game after the years passed and it's safe to say it was ALMOST forgotten. Even though i still play it occasionally, There are still a lot of secrets to be solved, as the Online is dead, Only one person or two come in RARELY, and you need luck...
  2. PrincessPeachfan2016

    DOA4 Sparring Glitch (COOL)

    1st. Go to sparring mode, 2nd, pick ANY character that has a ''Power Blow'' or a Charge attack, 3rd, go to ANY stage, 4th, go to Exercise mode, and select on the command list a Power Blow move, go back to the fight, Then. Hit various times the demonstrations button. A LOT, THE STAGE WILL GLITCH...
  3. PrincessPeachfan2016

    What the heck??

    I was practicing with Kasumi and Phase 4, I was on the COMING SOON Tag stage. So, i was close to the walls, I was Kasumi, i did a tag throw, And Phase 4 did just a oboro and passed through the walls!! But sadly, When she passed through, She teleported to the normal ground, I thought it would be...
  4. PrincessPeachfan2016

    A little help there?...

    Hi guys, i need the textures of Hitomi Ninja pack. Me and Mark of Blades are trying to recreate it on DOA4, but we need The textures, I have steam, but he doesn't has it, And i cannot use umod to get the textures, Since i think that the Ninja pack textures are no longer on steam, So someone...
  5. PrincessPeachfan2016

    How i put Kokoro's kimono?

    Me and Mark of Blades want to use Kokoro's kimono but we don't know how to do that. The method i saw is to use AFS explorer to switch the regular costumes for the kimono. Anybody has an idea on how to do this? We want the Pink Kimono for Kokoro and the Blue for Kasumi.
  6. PrincessPeachfan2016

    DOA4 Modding chat

    Hi, me and Mark of Blades are looking for People that has ideas on what do mod on DOA4. Please share your ideas here!
  7. PrincessPeachfan2016

    DOAX2 Modding. Possible?

    Hello people. one day i was Playing DOAX2 and then i thinked.. Is there a way to edit the Girl's swimsuits? i'd like to edit Lisa's Melpomene swimsuit, If so, then what's the editor and the extractor?
  8. PrincessPeachfan2016

    DOA4 Texture modding.

    Well, i want to Put Helena's opera dress Into Kasumi's body. like this video: (Its made with ayane.) What editor i need to download to Make Helena's opera dress Pink and put into Kasumi's body?
  9. PrincessPeachfan2016

    GreedXplorer help!!

    Hi people, i am using Windows 8 and When i press The Open button, it stops working.. it never happend this when i was using Windows 7, i want to edit Kasumi's DOA2U 7th costume. how do i fix this? (Edit) This is happening with GreedXplorer.
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