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  1. mizking

    The code Chronus mystery

    Here is unseen64's article on DOA code chronus, it even contains the cancelled games logo. And also, Project Progressive My guess is that Code Chronus probably...
  2. mizking

    Still camera glitch in training mode PS1

    Hokay so this is fuck hard to explain so bare with me lmao Enter training mode and highlight ring type. Then press select start (hold for too long and you might reset to the menu). You might wanna tap them and i think x as well. Once you've done that the pause menu will disappear, and you...
  3. mizking

    Hidden stuff (well not really) discussion thread

    Remember the very first DOA4 trailer? Here are some things i've noticed. The start of the trailer features Kasumi and Kokoro battling, you can hear Kasumi's DOA3 sounds. There is also a wall running move that never made it to the game. The old laid out...
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