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  1. JJpalmer

    DOA5LR Hayates 3hk string

    How do i deal with the low in hayates 3hk string its so quick and i literally cant seem to block low in time
  2. JJpalmer

    DOA5LR Should I be worried that i want to learn like half the roster in this game

    This seems to apply to every fighter i've been playin smash 4 and DOA lately tho i end up liking like half the roster and wanting to play them should i be worried lol. Just want to see others opinions on the subject
  3. JJpalmer

    DOA5U Late night practice if anyone wants to help me level up my game or recommend characters to try.

    Anyone up for some late night DOA5U say 930 est i could use advice be it play more characters or things related to tina.That and i really just wana chill and improve a bit if i can.
  4. JJpalmer

    Characters How do i find a characters pokes and what to look for in a moveset.

    Title above sorry about all the stupid questions lately but ive been slowly getting back into the game and id like to know what i should look for win im looking at a character since going through command training is a good place to start what should i be looking for as far as pokes and optimal...
  5. JJpalmer

    DOA5U Things to improve on and general areas to start

    Hello everyone looking for a kind of morons guide to reaching that higher level of play in DOA5U where should i start ive played a bit of online I think im C rank but i wana start from square one and work up to being a decent player.Any and all advice would be appreciated I play Tina/Sarah/and i...
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