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    DOA5U Your top tricks/attacks.

    In a hopefully-not-vain attempt to start some Hayate chatter on here, I'm going to post a bunch of words as if I know what I'm talking about: Hayate tricks/preferred attacks in my playbook follow. What are yours? 1) 236T, 6P~mixups/wall-hit (as per thread) I know nobody is a fan of giving up...
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    Community Where is the party at?

    I always played DOA on Xbox, but for whatever reason, I got 5U for PSN. I swear it seems dead. Unless I log on at key hours, I'm the only person in Ranked queue and there is maybe 3 lobbies (1 tag, 1 room of F's button mashing, another room of people clearly just playing with pixel boobs and...
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    DOA5U 236T options.

    Trying to get my interest in the game sparked again. I was toying with 236T last night, and didn't find anything unique. However, despite not being guaranteed; I wanted to bounce a few thoughts off you. Granted 7K is the staple assured damage. Well, one thing that is guaranteed that I only...
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    Wind Dash (Hayate-Gake)

    I wanted to edit this post to show my notes on Wind Dash from various moves and whatnot this weekend when I get home. However, I was hoping to perhaps start a conversation early. Something else that would be nice to get group test on is at what frames the Wind Dash crushes most mids. I...
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    Hayate v1.03

    Here is the Hayate list of changes from the main post: [NEW MOVE] Added Raijin (41236T・4682T・7391T when there is no ceiling). [NEW MOVE] PP2K6P+K: added a new move that can transition into Hayate-Gake. [NEW MOVE] 4P6P+K: added a new move that can transition into Hayate-Gake. 4P: changed...
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