1. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume The Kisugi Sisters from Cat’s Eye in Dead or Alive 5

    Presenting the Kisugi Sisters also known as Cat’s Eye in their Dead or Alive Style!!! We’ve got Kasumi as Hitomi Kisugi, Ayane as Ai Kisugi, and Momiji as Rui Kisugi!! Mod created by segadordlinks https://www.deviantart.com/segadordelinks/art/DoA5-Mod-Cat-s-Eye-800681234
  2. Leopold

    Returning Player

    Hello I'll be returning to the scene on DOA 6 and I want to brush my Ayane on LR. I have been studying her tools and I made a small doc. with notes to consider. Please take a look over it and tell me other important things I might have missed such as OKI, mixup etc. Thank you Ayanelords...
  3. deathofaninja

    DOA6 TGS Day 1 - Team NINJA Demonstration

    13455 Yohei Shimbori, Director of Dead or Alive 6, was on stage for 45 minutes to show off an updated version of DOA6 to launch Team NINJA's TGS Schedule. We enjoyed some hands on gameplay of the new characters announced in the release date trailer. Ayane, Marie Rose, Honoka and Bayman have...
  4. Ozymandias

    Noob here interested in the scene

    So I'm a 17'er who used to mash in DOA2 and kinda missed the boat on 5. I've decided to pick up Ayane as a main in preparation for DOA6 & just have a few questions 1) Who are the big dogs in the DOA scene & who are some good Ayane players? 2) What are some of the best/hype tournament streams...

    Monster Rancher DOA cameo

    Today I found out Kasumi and Ayane were in the Monster Rancher games. I haven't found a single mention of this in any DOA forum and this is the only video footage I could find in the internet, which I just clipped from... a DOA marathon stream on twitch lol...
  6. Argentus

    DLC Costumes

    ATTENTION: Do not double-post in this thread! It will result in an immediate ban with increasing length for each subsequent offense. ----------------------------------------------------------- For whenever they reveal the rest or more beyond that. Guessing this will be locked as well, but...
  7. U

    Characters Ayane Throw Punish Thread

    :ayane: Frame Data Tier 1 Standing (6i & 7i) :P::K::K: (-1)(-11)(-13) (:high::high::high::mid:) (NT)(T)(T)(NT) :P::P::P::4: (-1)(-6)(-7) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(T)(T) :P::P::P::K: (-1)(-6)(-9)(-30) (:high::high::mid::mid::mid:) (NT)(T)(T)(NTx2) :P::P::6::P::P: (-1)(-6)(-10)(-12)...

    DOA5LR DOA5LR (1.06) Ayane - COMBO VIDEO

    11635 This video is meant to shed some light on what Ayane is capable of in ver. 1.06. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that...
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