1. deathofaninja

    DOA5LR BBoy Dragon Defeats the Competition at Summer Jam XII

    13413 The Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament at Summer Jam was a complete event with a surprise IRL stream from @Dragon Ninja, incredible matches from everyone in attendance, and a big win for @Bboy Dragon. @Ichiron47 came close to winning SJ, and successfully reset the Grand Final, but...
  2. deathofaninja

    Community My... My... Another Summer Jam Approaches!

    Summer Jam was one of the kick-starters of DOA5's offline tournament scene, and this year the DOA community plans to put their skills to the test again in 2018 while also proving to Team NINJA that we are ready and passionate for Dead or Alive 6. Big E Gaming has been so good to our community...
  3. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal NEC 18 Registration Closes at 116 Players

    12216 Despite DOA5 coming out over 5 years ago we are seeing very strong numbers for our weekend main event, beating out big names in numbers like Injustice 2, Pokemon, Blazblue and coming close to a new release like Tekken 7 or the big one Street Fighter V. There have been events; free events...
  4. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal NEC 18 will be Team NINJA's best event yet

    Event Details | Register Now | Smash.GG With the amazing collaborative effort from the community, BigEGaming and Team NINJA we are at the end of our third battle royal for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and NEC 18 will provide the grounds for this respected event with announcements from Team NINJA...
  5. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal Hoodless Prevents the Reset and Wins TFC17

    Top 8 Bracket | Top 8 Complete Stream 1st Hoodless | 2nd Kwiggle | 3rd Hollow | 4th XcaliburBladeZ The Bifuteki Top 8 Stream at TFC has been nothing short of spectacular with the players trading their tournament nerves from pools for intensity and focus. Like all of the Battle Royal fights from...
  6. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal TFC Pool Results, Top 8 and Highlights

    12875 Complete Pool Stream | Top 8 - Bifuteki - 1pm EST Even if the audio is off in the beginning, and TFC is no longer our biggest draw -- we still have an intimate weekend of DOA with some of the best in a competitive field. Kick Punch Block has been streaming our community events for a...
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