exploiting delayed 7PT on block

    Delaying 7PT on block can abuse the idle/unholdable frame bug and create a 50/50 situation. OPTION 1: delayed 7PT You want to land the T on the idle frame that comes right after the enemy blockstun animation. The defender CAN NOT INPUT any throw, hold, side step, charge attack, can't crouch...
  2. AlexXsWx

    System Free Step Dash Cancel Bug

    UPDATE: this is not limited to :8:/:2::h+k:, and works with almost every move that has "Followup interval" I've finally managed to consistently reproduce the free step dash cancel bug, that I've seen long time ago (DOA5LR steam version 1.10C). It seems that if you buffer dash ( :4::4: or...

    System Cancellable hold bug in DOA3 & DOA2U?

    I've finally caught on camera this extremely rare bug that lets me somehow cancel holds in the middle of them super fast. I swear I've had this happen in both DOAO and DOA3(EU). I can't reproduce it, but as far as I remember it seems to occur with low holds mostly. It's so rare that I get to see...

    System the "Free Step Cancel" bug info gathering

    DOA5 has an obscure game-breaking glitch which lets you completely negate the recovery of many moves. I have gathered all the footage scattered around the internet I could find here. According to @Mr. Wah, Team Ninja is aware of the bug, but even they don't exactly know how it works: This...
  5. AlexXsWx

    Characters Christie's 2H+K cancel (bug)

    https://gfycat.com/HardDifficultBlueandgoldmackaw Never seen this before, does anyone knows how to reproduce it? ROON says he was trying to do 2h+k p. I wanted to save replay to see what framedata shows, but automatically clicked trhough it and only have video :(

    System DOA5LR flawed mechanics

    The majority of these mechanics/bugs have existed in every DOA as far as I know. I just wanted to get these out of my head, I don't really expect anyone to sit down and read everything + the references. This is just my boring "wish list" for muh dream DOA5LR patch/DOA6 system changes aimed to...
  7. AlexXsWx

    System Boosting damage of sidestep followups

    Many of you know that some chargeable moves deal more damage the longer you charge them. However, I've just accidentally noticed that if you cancel power blow charge into a sidestep attack, it will also deal greater damage. What's interesting, is that this damage multiplier affects entire...
  8. AlexXsWx

    Characters Rig's fastest kick of 9f

    Did you know that Rig's :K: from his Bending Stance is as fast as Christie's :P:? (Steam Ver.1.07) The game says it's 1 frame slower, but it's not true, because for some reason moves from Bending stance do not take 1 initial extra frame, unlike all the other moves I know (e.g. including Brad...
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