1. D

    DOA series STAGE and CHARACTER catalog numbers

    I did some DOA series image STAGE and CHARACTER catalog and some comparison numbers between then. (2 images indexed) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGES The numbers of REALLY NEW stages was...
  2. werewolfgold

    DOA6 Character Render and Poster Compendium

    Just seemed like something that should be a thing. People might be able to use them for something, etc. These are are actually hosted links from the main site and Twitter. But, I don't think the images will break anytime soon. STATUS: All characters up to Rachel have been added. :ayane:AYANE...
  3. S

    30 slots cap on select screen, 8 more spaces available

    I tried to fill up the current select screen. Of course the portraits could get smaller or the posters on the side, but at the moment it perfectly fits 30 chars. I filled it with the currently revealed characters, which are 21, including Nyotengu, Phase-4 and the new announced female character...
  4. zoo

    Most realistic base roster?

    From interviews suggesting some popular and guest fighters will not return and what people on this site are saying.. assuming they're staying in the 25 range this is what I came up with. To not make this thread pointless feel free to come up with a strictly 25 character roster At the...
  5. DestructionBomb

    Characters Characters you wanted to learn to use that struggles for you.

    Topic. Ever had a moment where you pick up a new character and it's just like "alright, where do I begin with this character. How am I going to approach other characters with this character" so you go in the forums of X character and performing stuff with them while having fun at the same time...

    Media Non-playable characters showcase, Tag manipulation

    Here's an indepth video showcasing various details of DOA5LR's Story mode non-playable characters, a glitched "headless Kasumi" and Tag manipulation. You can explore these characters too by yourself through the Character Unlocker tool I've made. A download link and more information can be...
  7. U

    Pro-Wrestling and Combat Sports Thread

    Discuss any and all news, media and events related to pro-wrestling and combat sports here. And don't forget to eat your prayers and say your vitamins.
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