1. K

    Dead or Alive 6 ALL "Deluxe" Costumes Showcase Video

    A short video showing all the costumes from the "Deluxe" set. A video for the wedding costumes will be uploaded very soon too. Who do you think got the best costume out of the 25 characters? Comment below :).
  2. zoo

    Favorite DOA stuff, create a chart

    Thought it'd be fun to get to know everyone in a cool way so I made this chart thing, feel free to fill it out in the replies some ppl's main is also their fav so change whatever if desired Here's mine:
  3. zoo

    Most realistic base roster?

    From interviews suggesting some popular and guest fighters will not return and what people on this site are saying.. assuming they're staying in the 25 range this is what I came up with. To not make this thread pointless feel free to come up with a strictly 25 character roster At the...
  4. zoo

    Custom Figthers / Character Creation

    Still kinda new so I'm not sure what the general opinion on this is and haven't seen any active threads on it What are your thoughts on custom fighters in DOA? meaning existing characters with minor custom moves or even outfits Also should character creation ever enter DOA, why or why not...
  5. JJdude

    If a guest character appearance I would like to have....

    Tifa from FF7! I think since FF7 remake is on the works having Tifa for a guest Character would be perfect since she herself is a martial artist (monk class). Since Tekken 7 has Noctis, DOA could have Tifa to represent Final Fantasy! Of coarse they can add her Advent Children outfit for those...

    Monster Rancher DOA cameo

    Today I found out Kasumi and Ayane were in the Monster Rancher games. I haven't found a single mention of this in any DOA forum and this is the only video footage I could find in the internet, which I just clipped from... a DOA marathon stream on twitch lol...
  7. Berzerk!

    DOA5LR #BAM10 - Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - Australia's biggest FGC (and doa) tournament

    Battle Arena Melbourne 10, BAM10, is next week! DOA5LR will once again have a main card tournament. It is a "Gold" Status tournament with a Trophy and $250 pot bonus from the event. This is the biggest DOA event in Australia! Come join and make it one to remember. We've had many awesome finals...
  8. HitomiLeifang

    Imagine if there was a story mode involving Hitomi & Leifang

    I know for the fact that Leifang and Hitomi have quite a relationship but to think that there is no involvement of the two in story mode in DOA3 bothers me since it is Hitomi's first appearance with Leifang in it. DOA2U had the chance to make it up but they missed it. We did see a brief...
  9. HitomiLeifang

    Tina and Hitomi's relationship

    How would Team Ninja address Tina and Hitomi's relationship? Both get along pretty well but DOA3 cut it short therefore making it ambiguous. Both are strong in terms of power and have issues with Leifang although Hitomi has it less. I bet they would make a great tag team if DOA6 would ever give...
  10. HitomiLeifang

    Tina vs Hitomi

    Which powerhouse is better? Tina who is a veteran for a long time and has yet to make feats in the DOA tournaments whereas Hitomi who emerged as a dark horse showed off her potential as a DOA5 Runner Up. If these two were to face off. Who would win?
  11. HitomiLeifang

    Leifang and Eliot

    I remember that Leifang said that she met Eliot before in DOA5 and that she hasn't seen him in a while. Both are Chinese Martial Arts Practitioners and I would not doubt that they would have met this easily. I also want to know that if Leifang were to have feelings for Eliot despite going...
  12. HitomiLeifang

    HitomixEliot DOA6

    Ever since both met in DOA5, I just have this feeling they will meet again in DOA6. Ever since she was teasing him (perhaps flirting), I feel like she could start showing affections for Eliot ever since she found out Ein's true identity as Hayate and move on. Last time she was Leifang and...
  13. HitomiLeifang

    Which stages in DOA6 would you like to see brought back?

    Any thoughts about bringing back old stages? Like Freedom Survivor for example.
  14. HitomiLeifang

    Timeskip between DOA4 and DOA5

    Should Team Ninja ever explore what happened between DOA4 and DOA5? I am curious since it is the first time that DOA has ever done such as gap as to why they would do it after the departure of Itagaki. Perhaps it could work as a foreshadow to build up events that occurred in DOA5 as well as...
  15. Outcastkid

    DOA3 DOA 3.1

    Hello! Can anyone help me find out how I can acquire DOA 3.1 anywhere? I really want to play it along with the costume mods.
  16. HitomiLeifang

    Dead or Alive CG animated series/movies

    Anyone thought about a Dead Or Alive CG animated series/movies? Recently King of Fighters are doing a series whereas Tekken did movie. DOA must be behind when it comes to animated series and I feel like they need to do so in order to milk their franchise and increase the popularity of the...
  17. HitomiLeifang

    Another Hitomi vs Leifang Cabbage fight in DOA6

    What are your thoughts about having the next cabbage fight between Hitomi and Leifang in DOA6? Should it end the way like Asuka and Lili with Xiaoyu interrupting it in Tekken 6? It should make it more interesting since both installments are the 6th in their entry. If so, who should interfere?
  18. HitomiLeifang

    What do you think about Leifang x Hitomi x Jann Lee Triangle

    I have been thinking for some time that there should be a shipping triangle between Leifang, Hitomi, and Jann Lee. Hitomi has been involving with Jann Lee and their relationship is the opposite that of Leifang and Jann Lee. Plus Leifang would be jealous if Jann Lee and Hitomi were getting close...
  19. HitomiLeifang

    My first attempt at editing Hitomi DOA5 to DOAD

    I did my first attempt at editing Hitomi's outfit from DOA5 to DOAD because I prefer DOAD over DOA5. I don't know why they changed it but they could have kept it that way. Either way it is not that perfect but I tried. I just hope that they bring this costume back as a DLC or in DOA6.
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