doa6 mechanics

  1. Berzerk!

    Where to next for DOA6? Diving into the mechanics found in the DOAFES Build at CouchWarriors Crossup (Australia) with Video

    Had the opportunity to play a bunch of casuals and two small tournaments with the attendees of CouchWarriors Crossup, which was an FGC major in Australia last weekend. It was a Dragon Ball FighterZ Saga event among other things, and we had the DOAFest build of DOA6 to show the 500 strong crowd...
  2. N

    [DoA6] So I guess we will have sidesteps (not only sidestep attack) again?

    I found this interview online: You may use ctrl+f and search "sidestep", then you may see the paragraph where he explains about sidesteps. Here is the quote: "...However the changes that we made, given the...
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