1. HitomiLeifang

    Hitomi and Leifang DOAD scene

    What do you suppose happened after this scene? I am curious since this is their first encounter as well as their rivalry. I can imagine a fight would break out. Jann Lee and Hayate were fighting that time and Leifang scolded Hitomi to stop meddling in her affairs which would hint an animosity...
  2. HitomiLeifang

    My first attempt at editing Hitomi DOA5 to DOAD

    I did my first attempt at editing Hitomi's outfit from DOA5 to DOAD because I prefer DOAD over DOA5. I don't know why they changed it but they could have kept it that way. Either way it is not that perfect but I tried. I just hope that they bring this costume back as a DLC or in DOA6.
  3. HitomiLeifang

    If Hitomi and Leifang were to fight in DOAD during DOA3

    I dunno if this is just me but if this were to turn out to be an actual fight in this scene. Who would win? Would you agree that Lei Fang would fight Hitomi because she got in the way in front of her and Jann Lee in their first encounter? Plus Ein would fight Jann Lee during that time so...
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