System Cancellable hold bug in DOA3 & DOA2U?

    I've finally caught on camera this extremely rare bug that lets me somehow cancel holds in the middle of them super fast. I swear I've had this happen in both DOAO and DOA3(EU). I can't reproduce it, but as far as I remember it seems to occur with low holds mostly. It's so rare that I get to see...

    System the "Free Step Cancel" bug info gathering

    DOA5 has an obscure game-breaking glitch which lets you completely negate the recovery of many moves. I have gathered all the footage scattered around the internet I could find here. According to @Mr. Wah, Team Ninja is aware of the bug, but even they don't exactly know how it works: This...

    System DOA5LR flawed mechanics

    The majority of these mechanics/bugs have existed in every DOA as far as I know. I just wanted to get these out of my head, I don't really expect anyone to sit down and read everything + the references. This is just my boring "wish list" for muh dream DOA5LR patch/DOA6 system changes aimed to...
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