why crouching in DOA feels terrible

    Crouching in DOA "takes time". How long does it take is shown in the skill info page 3 under the switch frame section, which usually varies between 4F (very slow) to 1F (instantaneous). Based on how little we know about this bogus value, it might as well be decided by magical incantations. So...

    exploiting delayed 7PT on block

    Delaying 7PT on block can abuse the idle/unholdable frame bug and create a 50/50 situation. OPTION 1: delayed 7PT You want to land the T on the idle frame that comes right after the enemy blockstun animation. The defender CAN NOT INPUT any throw, hold, side step, charge attack, can't crouch...

    System Details of the Airborne status

    GENERAL STATUSES OVERVIEW: Before we begin, we're going to list several move properties. These are all the statuses shown by the in-game move details window along with their internal IDs. 0 Standing 1 Crouching 2 Down 3 Jumping 4 Jump (evade lows) 5 Jump 6 Squatting And these are the various...

    Program DOA5LR Toolbox

    This is the place where I will be providing downloads and updates for my 4 DOA5LR tools. They're open source, written in AutoHotkey and built for the PC Steam version of the game. DeadOrAutohotkey (click image to watch video) DeadOrAutohotkey aka BusaBot is a fighting game bot created to...

    System Details of the Rising mechanic

    In DOA5LR, you can lie on the floor in 4 different ways: - face up+feet to foe - face down+head to foe - face down+feet to foe - face up+head to foe During those 4 ways, every character (with the exception of Alpha-152) can universally Rise in 5 directions. Back: - invulnerable to Ground...

    P+K is INSTANTLY backturned

    Not even Ayane the back turned legend has anything like this. Jann Lee's Dragon Elbow (P+K) turns him into back-facing from the very first frame. This can be used to change the stun animation type Jann is going to receive into a more advantageous or unexpected one, such as an animation that...
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