System Details of the Airborne status

    GENERAL STATUSES OVERVIEW: Before we begin, we're going to list several move properties. These are all the statuses shown by the in-game move details window along with their internal IDs. 0 Standing 1 Crouching 2 Down 3 Jumping 4 Jump (evade lows) 5 Jump 6 Squatting And these are the various...

    Program DOA5LR Toolbox

    This is the place where I will be providing downloads and updates for my 4 DOA5LR tools. They're open source, written in AutoHotkey and built for the PC Steam version of the game. DeadOrAutohotkey (click image to watch video) DeadOrAutohotkey aka BusaBot is a fighting game bot created to...

    System Details of the Rising mechanic

    In DOA5LR, you can lie on the floor in 4 different ways: - face up+feet to foe - face down+head to foe - face down+feet to foe - face up+head to foe During those 4 ways, every character (with the exception of Alpha-152) can universally Rise in 5 directions. Back: - invulnerable to Ground...

    P+K is INSTANTLY backturned

    Not even Ayane the back turned legend has anything like this. Jann Lee's Dragon Elbow (P+K) turns him into back-facing from the very first frame. This can be used to change the stun animation type Jann is going to receive into a more advantageous or unexpected one, such as an animation that...
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