1. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Guides and Move Lists from EVO 18 Build

    There is a lot of new Dead or Alive 6 content for the community to dissect and look into, including downloadable move-lists, more hands-on time from the pros, and even some guides that lead to some hard-hitting damage this early on. If you discovered anything from the exhibition or would like to...
  2. deathofaninja

    Community My... My... Another Summer Jam Approaches!

    Summer Jam was one of the kick-starters of DOA5's offline tournament scene, and this year the DOA community plans to put their skills to the test again in 2018 while also proving to Team NINJA that we are ready and passionate for Dead or Alive 6. Big E Gaming has been so good to our community...

    System the "Free Step Cancel" bug info gathering

    DOA5 has an obscure game-breaking glitch which lets you completely negate the recovery of many moves. I have gathered all the footage scattered around the internet I could find here. According to @Mr. Wah, Team Ninja is aware of the bug, but even they don't exactly know how it works: This...
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