1. CookingMama

    Honoka in DOA6 - New Moves!

    Howdy, all! I want to make this thread so all of Honoka's changes can be kept in one, easy to find place. Credits to this post go towards the great Matt Ponton/Sorwah and Miyabin. Thanks to them I am able to make this thread for you! I'll keep this thread updated as new information comes out and...
  2. deathofaninja

    DOA6 TGS Day 1 - Team NINJA Demonstration

    13455 Yohei Shimbori, Director of Dead or Alive 6, was on stage for 45 minutes to show off an updated version of DOA6 to launch Team NINJA's TGS Schedule. We enjoyed some hands on gameplay of the new characters announced in the release date trailer. Ayane, Marie Rose, Honoka and Bayman have...

    DOA5LR DOA5LR (Ver. 1.10A) Honoka - COMBO VIDEO

    After a long hiatus, I'm BACK !!! Sorry to have kept you guys waiting! :) 12812 This video is meant to shed some light on what Honoka is capable of in ver. 1.10A. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All...
  4. G

    Costume my mods for glowattack

    honoka con casual super mario 3, es mi primer mod que subo soy nuevo en esto de los mods en doa por eso es algo sencillo espero que les guste!! , piensa en grande, crea en grande............ para instalacion puede ser de la manera tipica con autolink o tambien puedes usar ink reshuffle. son 4...
  5. U

    Characters Honoka Throw Punish Thread

    :honoka: Frame Data Tier 1 (6i & 7i) :P::P::P::6::P: (-1)(-6)(-6)(-13) (:high::high::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::K: (-1)(-6)(-13) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::6::P: (-1)(-6)(-7) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::4::P: (-1)(-6)(-16)...
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