1. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Mai & Kula, Ver. 1.06, and DOA6 Arcade Location Tests

    A couple of months ago prior to DOA6's release, Team Ninja announced that Mai Shiranui and another guest character from The King of Fighters series would be joining the roster. It was later to be revealed that K' Team's own Ice Doll, Kula Diamond, would be the latest guest character joining the...
  2. MODDER`12

    Mai can't equip any modded costumes?

    I'm using autolink and I made Mai a folder with 01 in it and then I put a costume in the folder and nothing appears in the game? the (details) is slashed out.
  3. U

    Characters Mai Throw Punish Thread

    :mai: Frame Data While it's true that there are a few special-cancelable moves, I will still list them as unsafe moves, but still point out that they do have said property. Tier 1 (6i & 7i) :P::P::P::K: (-2)(-9)(-10)(-11) (:high::high::mid::mid::high:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::K...
  4. AlexXsWx

    Characters Mai Shiranui - Movelist with framedata (visualised & interactive)

    The visualiser is still under progress, but I hope most of you will find it helpfull. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome Most interesting stuff is probably safety - in < Appearance / Show additional...
  5. deathofaninja

    DOA5LR Begin to Master Mai Shiranui

    11883 Mai has been officially released for play with Last Round and people have already begun to take her to the lab; figuring out her tech and mastering her combos. If you are unfamiliar with this iconic fighter, allow @DestructionBomb to give you a demonstration of perhaps one of the most...
  6. deathofaninja

    DOA5 might have the best Crossover 3D Fighters Ever

    11817 Opinion: Dead or Alive 5 has not only proven to be a 562[/medio]']long lasting offline tournament game, but it's also contributed to breaking a curse of bad cross-overs. Sure we have seen some good ones over the years, but largely it's a topic in games that is not in our control to the...
  7. deathofaninja

    Characters Tom Lee Sure Loves Crossovers

    Dead or Alive Festival was a killer event that not only delivered one of the finest fighting tournaments the FGC has ever seen, but also revealed the addition of Mai (from Fatal Fury and KoF) to the Dead or Alive roster. I believe it was very exciting to any of the community skeptics who thought...
  8. GreatDarkHero

    DOA5LR Mai Shiranui DOA5LR Discussion - Guest from FF/KOF series

    ... I didn't think this would actually happen. But, one of my KOF mains has made it to DOA5LR. The purpose of this thread discussion is to highlight general information, footage, and game play analogies in relation to Mai Shiranui. Again, this is general discussion thread for the shinobi...
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