1. deathofaninja

    Community Weekly ESL Cups Added to NA Region

    ESL Tournament Archive | If you want a new way to train for offline events with the chance to win prizes and further connect with the community, maybe you should look to network with ESL. Master has been hyping these events by streaming them and advertising them via...
  2. deathofaninja

    DOA5LR New Players Need to Learn the Triangle System

    12850[/medio]']12850 The FSD community has been playing Dead or Alive 5 for five years, but since then a lot has changed and we have more fighters showing up to tournaments that are new players as made evident by the 2017 Battle Royal. Team NINJA boasts well over 9 million Core Fighters...
  3. VirtuaKazama

    Community MASTER Joins Team NINJA

    Summer Jam XI is this weekend, but we do have some breaking news in the community. For more than ten years, @MASTER has been active in the DOA community since the beginning, whether he is doing commentary or competing in tournaments. It was recently announced today that MASTER is the new...
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